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Preoccupied B&W Photoblogging

Between trying to process my photos from Saturday, and working on an epically long post, I haven’t really had the time or focus to post or visit around much, so here are some samples from my first batch of Saturday pics:

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I like cars. I like buildings. I like reflections.

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Bus shelter. For some reason it almost looked like a negative. I even tried inverting it to see what would happen, but it wasn’t very interesting.

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Stair shadows.

Hopefully I’ll be back to normal by the end of the week. Well, normal for me, anyway…

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Fun Fak From Novak

Apparently, none of the Republicans currently in the Senate voted to give Dubya permission to blow up the Middle East.

I learn something new every day.

Novak may be correct that the Republicans will not vote for a repeal of the AUMF, but I don’t buy his premise. If anything, the Republicans should have even more motivation to publicly distance themselves from Iraq than the Democrats.

Bring it to a vote, and then let the Republicans explain themselves in 2008.

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I Like It!

Interesting Oscar proposal in today’s WaPo (full disclosure: I hate awards shows in general, and the Oscars in particular):

One series of psychological experiments offers insight into why the stars regularly underperform at the Academy Awards — and what can be done about it. Contrary to the widely held belief that a supportive audience improves the performance of people under pressure, these experiments show exactly the opposite is true. All those fans, friends and family in the auditorium may make the stars feel good about what they are doing on stage, but it is probably making the show more boring for the rest of us.


[V]olunteers did worse when they believed the audience was invested in their success, compared with when the audience was not interested.


Paradoxically, people invariably felt they did better than they had when they had a supportive audience — even though they did worse — and felt they had done worse when the audience was hostile — even though they had done better. The support of a friendly audience made people feel good about themselves, and that feeling tricked them into believing they had actually performed well.


So here’s a suggestion for the Oscars next year. Tell friends and families of the stars to watch the show on TV. Sit that high school gym teacher who used to make life hell for the Best Actor in the front row. Bring in all the ex-husbands and ex-wives, too.

The stars will probably not enjoy the show very much. But it will be far more entertaining for the rest of us.

Hey, even if it doesn’t work, I would at least take some satisfaction from knowing that the stars are as miserable as the viewers (I believe this is known as “awards showdenfreude”).

But what do we do about all the hacks who write the godawful presentation banter and all that excruciating filler material that just goes on and on and on? Maybe something like the brainwashing scene in A Clockwork Orange, only instead of Beethoven and ultraviolence, it would be interminable musical numbers and lame, pointless comedy routines.

February 26th, 2007 at 11:15am Posted by Eli

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In retrospect, I should have blogged my Oscar picks instead of just e-mailing them to the shadowy and mysterious Codename V, since it turns out I did pretty well. My only real blind spot was The Departed, what with Martin Scorsese being the Susan Lucci of the Oscars and all.

My pick for Best Picture: The Queen.
Oscar: The Departed.

My pick for Best Actor: Forest Whitaker.
Oscar: Forest Whitaker.

My pick for best Actress: Helen Mirren.
Oscar: Helen Mirren.

My pick for Best Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin.
Oscar: Alan Arkin.

My pick for Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson.
Oscar: Jennifer Hudson.

My pick for Best Director: Clint Eastwood.
Oscar: Martin Scorsese.

My pick for Best Foreign Language Film: Anything But Pan’s Labyrinth.
Oscar: Not Pan’s Labyrinth. (NOTE: My pick was not meant to disparage Pan’s Labyrinth – quite the contrary.)

My pick for Best Adapted Screenplay: The Departed.
Oscar: The Departed.

My pick for Best Original Screenplay: Little Miss Sunshine.
Oscar: Little Miss Sunshine.

My pick for Best Animated Feature: Happy Feet.
Oscar: Happy Feet.

My pick for Best Art Direction: Pan’s Labyrinth.
Oscar: Pan’s Labyrinth.

My pick for Best Cinematography: Children Of Men.
Oscar: Pan’s Labyrinth.

Not bad, especially considering I haven’t seen any of the nominees.

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Monday Media Blogging

Another Likely Story.
Christopher Guest plays all the roles in this bizarre film noir parody.

February 26th, 2007 at 06:56am Posted by Eli

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