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Tom Cruise says farewell to wife Katie Holmes before flying disc returns him to Xenu.

(Photo credit: Axel Koester, New York Times)

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Epic Media Post

My epic post on the flaws of the media appears to have been sucked into a wormhole, and has ended up at Firedoglake.

These things happen, apparently.

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Please Tell Me He’s Kidding

Howie Kurtz, in this week’s chat session:

Anonymous: Michelle Malkin has been loud, rude and wrong on just about any topic she has ever opined upon. Any chance you will ever profile any of the bloggers who have been serious, thoughtful and correct? Also, as the right-wing already dominates AM talk radio, cable news and other media, right-wing bloggers are seemingly marginalized. In contrast, real liberal points of view (Krugman and Dionne excepted) mostly are confined to the Internet. It seems as if these “new” voices are a far more interesting phenomena.


Howard Kurtz: Well, let’s see, I’ve already done profiles of Jeff Jarvis and Andrew Sullivan, and written extensively about bloggers on both the left and the right.



Some of the questioners also provided some… interesting spin on Dana Priest’s Walter Reed reporting: Basically, she’s a totally self-aggrandizing gloryhound because wounded vets being treated badly is old news, and because she didn’t go to the DoD as soon as she saw the awful conditions, but instead worked on her story for four months while brave GIs suffered (and without the embarrassment of a story, the DoD would have done… what, exactly?). To his credit, Howie treated them with the scorn they deserved.

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Inexplicable Statement Of The Day

From today’s WaPo chat with Jonathan Weisman:

Anonymous: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much is this administration sweating the verdict in the Libby trial?

Jonathan Weisman: Uh, 1? WHy would they care? They’re just happy the trial is over.

Oh, sure, a guilty verdict wouldn’t reflect badly on them at all. It’s not like it would suggest that Libby was hiding something, or protecting someone who decided to deliberately expose the name of a CIA covert operative to discredit and intimidate someone speaking inconvenient truths…

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Signs Of The Apocalypse

Put on your Rapture boots, it’s the End Times:

Krispy Kreme, the company known for its glazed doughnuts, its chocolate iced glazed doughnuts and its glazed “kreme”-filled doughnuts, on Monday introduced a whole wheat doughnut.

In case anyone is wondering, it is glazed. And it has a caramel flavoring. The company called the new doughnut an alternative for health-conscious consumers, with 180 calories. The original glazed has 200 calories, according to the company’s Web site, and the glazed cream-filled weighs in at 340.

“The Krispy Kreme whole wheat glazed doughnut delivers the delicious taste that our customers have come to expect from us,” said Stan Parker, the company’s senior vice president of marketing.

I find the concept of a healthy doughnut simultaneously admirable and horrifying.

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Quote Of The Day

Spoken by Deathlok the pacifist cyborg(!) in Marvel’s Beyond! graphic novel:

Cynicism isn’t maturity. Callousness isn’t strength. Pretending you don’t care so you don’t have to try isn’t “winning.” What you do with your life matters.

We could all learn a thing or two from Deathlok the pacifist cyborg.

(by way of WaPo’s “Media Mix”)

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Scooby Does Dallas

Oh my.

A Queens man is under arrest for putting a kinky spin on Scooby-Doo – and shagging, too.

Julio Quevedo, 43, faces jail time for peddling bogus costumes of popular cartoon characters to undercover investigators who told him they would be used for a triple-X fetish called “furry porn,” cops said yesterday.

“There is a whole subculture engaged in that kind of activity,” said one law enforcement source. “It certainly was different.”

The bizarre behavior involves people dressing up in costumes or parts of costumes and having sex.

An investigator working for the firm that owns the cartoon trademarks bought Barney and Bob the Builder costumes from Quevedo last year, cops said. On Saturday, the investigator and a detective posed as husband-and-wife porn producers who told Quevedo they needed more costumes for a kinky movie.

Quevedo, of Jamaica, allegedly brought them to a warehouse in Queens, where they were offered dozens of costumes, including Barney, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine, the Tasmanian Devil and Scooby-Doo.

Personally, I would avoid any adult movie which could potentially contain the words “Scooby do me!” Gah.

(You don’t even want to know what possible movie titles are floating through my head right now…)

February 27th, 2007 at 09:14am Posted by Eli

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Mick And Ick


Bleagh. Someone at Topps decided to have a little fun with the Derek Jeter card…

February 27th, 2007 at 07:41am Posted by Eli

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