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2 comments February 6th, 2007at 04:22pm Posted by Eli

Professional wingnut letter-writer Margaret McGirr:

To the Editor:

As usual, the fashionable view eventually becomes tyrannical and will no longer permit debate. It looks now as if the momentum of the global-warming evangelists is unstoppable.

You state in your Feb. 3 front-page article that the United States accounts for 5 percent of the world’s population and 25 percent of the world’s emissions. Somewhere between consuming and emitting fossil fuels is that thing called United States economic growth, which continues to be a boon to the world — for 2006, a sparkling 3.4 percent.

Some say they don’t want their children to have to cope with the alleged nightmare of climate change, but I am far sadder that my children will have to cope with the reduced richness of opportunity that will exist at every socioeconomic level in an economy crippled by restricted access to the energy that powers it.

It will be a sad sight to watch the spectacular American private-sector engine and the optimistic innovativeness that has always been its hallmark diminished for want of fuel.

Margaret McGirr
Greenwich, Conn., Feb. 3, 2007

Argh. The willful blindness, it burns. Yes, I suppose she would have an excellent point if global warming weren’t real, but I would like to know what makes her so sure it isn’t.

Spork_incident dispenses with her pretty handily here, to which I would only wish to add: To what better and more challenging use could “the spectacular American private-sector engine and the optimistic innovativeness” be put than to try to save humanity from itself?

For some reason, the name “Margaret McGirr” stuck in my mind, so I did some googling and came up with this little gem:

To the Editor:

Re ‘Best Defense: More Offense” (news analysis, front page, Oct,9):

Your statement that John Kerry ‘often seemed to be more in command of his brief, more confident in demeanor’ contradicts the impression made by the front-page photograph in which he sits round-shouldered and looking slightly forlorn, while President Bush takes command of the physical space as he strides out to meet the audience.”

The photograph is the more accurate ‘picture’ of the debate on Friday night. A candidate’s manner of delivery tells us who he is and is every bit as important as his message. ”

President Bush’s energy and liveliness of spirit leave no doubt as to the strength of his convictions. Senator Kerry tells us that he is decisive and optimistic, but his body language and facial expressions fail to convince.

Margaret McGirr
Greenwich, Conn.
Oct. 9, 2004

And if you like that, there’s plenty more where that came from – try searching on her name in combination with “Bush” or “Republican” and I guarantee you’ll see all kinds of juicy little Kool-Aid-saturated, codpiece-worshipping tidbits pop up in the Google. Just charming.

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  • 1. P. Drano  |  February 6th, 2007 at 7:55 pm

    My new global-warming evangelism technique is unstoppable.
    Yrs, etc.

  • 2. charley  |  February 6th, 2007 at 10:10 pm

    President Bush takes command of the physical space as he strides out to destroy the world..

    fixed her typo.

    altho i most remark “i don’t see any method at all.”

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