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February 14th, 2007at 07:48am Posted by Eli

Now that’s what I call security!

FLASH POINT, NEW MEXICO–Security blankets provide comfort in the dark bedrooms and doctors’ offices of childhood. But for a little girl in New Mexico, one blankie stood between life and fiery disaster.

“We’d been trying for months to get Polly to give up her blanket,” said the girl’s father, Jim Nomek, holding up the soft cloth–now frayed and darkened at its green satin margins.

But Polly–who calls the blanket ‘Scratchie,’–couldn’t fall asleep at night without burying her face in its woolen folds.

“So when her sixth birthday came around, I bought Polly a night-light, thinking it might eventually help us wean her away from Scratchie,” Jim said.

“Instead, the light just ignited the draperies,” added Jim’s wife Etheline.

Luckily, the fine Merino fleece over Polly’s nose and mouth filtered the poisonous smoke from the spreading fire. The breathable wool–which naturally resists combustion–kept the girl cool in the 900-degree inferno of her bedroom.

And as Polly slept on her side, with her back to the flames, Scratchie’s glossy satin border concentrated and reflected the firelight into her eyes. The orange shimmer from the blanket woke Polly in time to escape through her second-story window.

“She held the blanket over her head like a parachute, jumped, and landed gently in the hedges,” Etheline explained. “I think the idea came from ‘Mavis the Brazen,’ Polly’s favorite T.V. show.” Jim, who tried unsuccessfully to limit his daughter’s television viewing last fall, has since changed his tune: “She can watch all she wants, now. We’re moved by the life-saving power of cartoons.”

After landing in the hedges with her blanket, Polly subsisted on a grape-juice stain until firefighters arrived. The emergency workers found Polly after several tense minutes and returned the girl to her parents.

Now Jim regrets his old hopes that Polly might abandon the blanket.

“We’ve changed our minds on Scratchie,” said the relieved father. “Maybe she’ll take it to college, or make her wedding veil out of it. Scratchie turned out to be our security blanket, too.”

I am suddenly concerned by my own deficiencies in the blanket department.

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