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Oh, The Injustice!

Today’s NYT lead editorial makes an interesting point:

It was another reminder of how precious the American judicial system is, at a time when it is under serious attack from the same administration Mr. Libby served. That administration is systematically denying the right of counsel, the right to evidence and even the right to be tried to scores of prisoners who may have committed no crimes at all.

How many of the right-wing attack monkeys who lament this terrible railroading of an innocent man feel the same quivering outrage about all the prisoners at Gitmo who are presumed guilty with no opportunity to assert their innocence?

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Thanks For Nothing

Once again, Attaturk has to ruin it for everyone else.

Way to go, dude.

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Wednesday Why-I-Love-The-Weekly-World-News Blogging

Great Moments In Space Exploration, WWN style:

HOUSTON, Tex. — NASA has named its first mime in space, Jacques Tatitov, who will perform in the vacuum outside the International Space Station.

The mime has been characteristically tight-lipped about his space routine, which is rumored to include exercises such as ‘Walking Against the Solar Wind’ and ‘Unpeeling a Banana-Flavored Thermostabilized Pudding Ration.’

(…)”There’s an enormous opportunity here for cutting costs,” said mission director Beja Keflavik. “Tatitov won’t need a radio–he communicates brilliantly without words. And during his spacewalk, he’ll be pulling himself along an invisible tether, which means we won’t have to spring for an umbilicus or rocket pack.”

The mime’s titanium-dioxide face paint will reflect harmful solar radiation into space, and his skintight black-and-white pressure suit will feature a suspender-mounted life-support pack and a jaunty space beret. Tatitov said he is concerned that the suit — which has been stripped-down to allow flexibility — will be vulnerable to micrometeroid impacts.

“For most of my performance, I shall be trapped in an invisible box, which should afford some protection,” he said. “Besides–I’m used to being pelted with rocks–even in my performances on Earth.”

I want a jaunty space beret.

March 7th, 2007 at 07:31am Posted by Eli

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Great Moments In Television

Kill. Me. Now.

Nancy Grace is taking on her first prime-time acting role, though it shouldn’t be a stretch for the CNN Headline News talk-show host.

She will appear offering faux legal commentary during the season finale of NBC’s ”Law & Order: SVU,” NBC said on Tuesday. She’ll talk about a case involving a man charged with killing a woman and her baby.


One of Grace’s co-stars in the episode will be Star Jones Reynolds, who will also be seen giving legal commentary. That was how she actually started on TV, before acquiring her diva reputation on ”The View.”

The horror. The… horror.

March 7th, 2007 at 12:39am Posted by Eli

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