Another Day, Another Coverup

1 comment March 27th, 2007at 11:29am Posted by Eli

Donna and HopeSpringsATurtle are both blogging about the sad and sickening case of LaVena Johnson, a female soldier who was beaten savagely, possibly raped, and shot in the head – and whose death was then ruled a “suicide.” Beating and raping yourself seems like awfully peculiar pre-suicide behavior, but I’m no psychiatrist. Unless the DoD isn’t claiming that the beating and raping were part of the suicide, in which case, why aren’t they investigating that part of it? If she didn’t do it to herself, then someone must have done it to her, even if she did kill herself afterwards… which I don’t buy. Maybe the rape and beating don’t matter if she kills herself afterwards – like a reset button or something.

On the one hand, perhaps this tragedy doesn’t tell us anything new: War is hell; war brutalizes people and makes them capable of terrible things; the military will cover up anything that makes them look less than admirable (coughcoughPatrick Tillmancough!). But what’s different here is that the military’s desperation for recruits (for some reason, hardly any of the Republicans who think this is The Most Important War Ever seem very eager to enlist) has led them to drastically reduce their standards, so that now they’ll enlist people with criminal records and mental health problems (but not gays – some things are just unacceptable).

Which leads me to speculate: Perhaps the troop who did this didn’t become a monster because of the war – perhaps he was a monster already, and the military gave him a weapon because they needed a warm body to lug it around and shoot it at people. You know, like they did with the soldier who raped a 14-year-old Iraqi girl and killed her entire family.

Which leads me to speculate: Perhaps this is additional motive for the military to cover up? It’s bad enough to admit that they have a mad-dog killer and rapist in their midst, but if it comes out that this woman died from the military’s lax enlistment standards? Because the Bush administration doesn’t have the balls to either bring the troops home or institute a draft? (Political suicide, I know, but this is The Most Important War Ever, and we all know how Bush is a Steely Resolute Decider who doesn’t care about polls…)

Just something to ponder.

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  • 1. HopeSpringsATurtle  |  March 27th, 2007 at 9:32 pm

    Thank you Eli for posting on this tragedy. I keeping shopping it around to the big blogs but nobody’s biting. I guess I’m just in shock about how little LaVena Johnson’s life was worth in terms of “blog-worthiness.” Thanks again, You’re a good man Charlie Brown.

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