March 27th, 2007at 11:14am Posted by Eli

Just a couple of items I intended to blog yesterday, but was too distracted by the voices in my head to get to…

I love to see Republicans writing about Republicans turning on Republicans.

And The All-Seeing Eye Of Froomkin reminds us all why it’s so much better to be your own person:

Why did Attorney General Alberto Gonzales go before the television cameras two weeks ago and deny that he knew anything about last year’s firings of U.S. attorneys, when — as we just learned from yet another Friday-night document dump — he approved them during an hour-long meeting in November?

Did that meeting not make an impression? Did he choose to lie about it? Was he secretly drawing a distinction between giving his approval and knowing anything about what he had given his approval for?

Or was he just reading whatever was put in front of him?

It’s no secret in Washington that Gonzales is not an autonomous player. His entire career has been as an enabler of George Bush. He does what he’s told.


It’s not as obvious who has been his minder since he became attorney general two years ago. But presumably either he or, more to the point, the staffers who write his speeches and draw up his talking points still get their marching orders directly from the West Wing.


[N]ow, with his central talking point exposed as clumsy dishonesty, it’s clear that whoever prepped Gonzales and sent him out to face the media was more focused on White House interests than on telling the truth.

If Gonzo had had a spine and a conscience back then, maybe he refuses to fire the USAs. If he had a spine and a conscience now, maybe he tells the truth about what happened. But having neither, he’s going to take the fall for Karl Rove’s master plan to complete the politicization of the DoJ.

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