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Well, if the media are going to dredge up dirt on candidates’ personal lives, it’s nice to see Republicans getting equal time:

Rudy Giuliani’s shaky family life is being hit with new tremors, as his son Andrew hit the interview circuit confirming that he is estranged from his father – and that the root of the tension is Giuliani’s current wife, Judith.”There’s obviously a little problem that exists between me and his wife,” Andrew Giuliani, 21, told The New York Times. “And we’re trying to figure that out. But as of right now it’s not working as well as we would like.”


[T]he relationship is icy enough that Andrew told The News he would not be campaigning for his father and would instead chase his goal of becoming a pro golfer.

“No, my summer schedule is filled with golf, so I would not have the time to do that,” he said in an interview with The News last week….

Coming at the outset of an increasingly combative presidential race, Andrew Giuliani’s comments are sure to refocus the spotlight on the ex-mayor’s already messy family history.

The thrice-married Giuliani divorced his first wife, Regina Peruggi, after 14 years. Later, infamously, he chose a live TV interview to tell Andrew’s mother, TV personality Donna Hanover, that he was divorcing her.


Those with knowledge of the situation said the children don’t like to be around her and that Giuliani, rather than spend time separately with his kids, has chosen to stick by his new wife’s side.

As a result, the former mayor rarely spends time with his children and has missed major events in their lives, including many of Andrew’s major golf tournaments and more recent school theatrical productions in which Caroline has starred, sources said.

Indeed, one person said Giuliani learned of his daughter’s Harvard admission by reading about it in The News.

Now all we need is some speculation on how often Rudy ‘n’ Judi have sex. Come on, Media, let’s bring it on home.

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