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4 comments March 12th, 2007at 04:31pm Posted by Eli

Hey, remember a coupla weeks ago when the Delta Zeta national office booted two-thirds of their DePauw chapter for not being pretty enough, but claimed it was because they were lazy, uncommitted slackers? Let’s see how that’s working out for them…

DePauw University severed its ties today with a national sorority that attracted controversy when it evicted two-thirds of its DePauw members late last year. The sorority called the evictions an effort to improve its image for recruitment, but the evicted women described it as a purge of the unattractive or uncool.

“We at DePauw do not like the way our students were treated,” the president of the university, Robert G. Bottoms, said in a letter to the sorority, Delta Zeta. “We at DePauw believe that the values of our university and those of the national Delta Zeta sorority are incompatible.”


“Delta Zeta National apologizes to any of our women at DePauw who felt personally hurt by our actions,” the sorority said in a message posted earlier this month on its Web site. “It was never our intention to disparage or hurt any of our members during this chapter reorganization process.”

Well, at least they’re sorry, and hopefully they’ve learned a very valuable less-

In addition to the apology, the sorority also posted on its Web site statements critical of the women who were forced out of the DePauw chapter, and of faculty members who supported them.

Oh. So much for that apology. “We’re sorry their feelings were hurt, but they totally suck, and so does everyone who stood by them.” Niiiice.

In the letter the university sent to Delta Zeta today, Dr. Bottoms said the sorority’s decision to publicize that criticism of the women and faculty members contributed to his decision.

“The arrangement we have with Greek organizations is that they’re guests of ours, and we expect them to live up to university standards, and in this case Delta Zeta did not,” Dr. Bottoms said in the interview. “This means that sorority can’t exist on our campus as an organization, beginning in the fall.”

Gee, I guess those standards thingies cut both ways, huh. Adios, Shallow Evil Sorority.

The only reason Bottoms is merely an unwanker and not a doubleplusunwanker is that it took him three months to make this decision instead of three hours. But he did make the right one.

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  • 1. Interrobang  |  March 13th, 2007 at 3:24 am

    Hell yes. More like this, please. Even if it takes two weeks.

  • 2. Nancy Willing  |  March 13th, 2007 at 7:58 am

    Hey Eli,
    I just checked out your Manifesto, good grief!
    We need to post it at every state DEM HQ in the land!

    Thanks for this Delta Zeta post, that was my mom’s sorority and she stayed active with the OH State DZ Alumni and worked as a laison to West Chester DZ Chapter, a 50 year span of service.

    Mom would have written 500 letters by now. I only half-heard about this on the radio yesterday. I want to do a blog on it and I’ll link to you, of course!

  • 3. Eli  |  March 13th, 2007 at 8:30 am

    Thanks, Nancy! I really need to update it, but I’m just too damn lazy.

    Greek life is generally not on my radar at all, but I do tend to identify with the nerds and social outsiders, especially when the snotty cool kids shit on them like they did here.

  • 4. adamsmedia  |  March 25th, 2007 at 8:47 pm

    I have an ex who was a pretty girl and got trapped into the cool kids mentality. I am really surprised that the Greek system still is allowed to get away with so much. I have never been a Greek or been in their system, but have also never had a positive view of the Greek system and the majority of its members.

    I think more universities should discurage the Greek system.

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