You Can’t Convict A Ham Sandwich

March 6th, 2007at 03:21pm Posted by Eli

So now that Scooter is officially guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice and I’ve stopped hyperventilating, some thoughts:

While Scooter’s conviction is probably not a sufficient condition for Fitz to start targeting Cheney or Rove (or even Dubya?), it is certainly a necessary one.

Dubya now has to contemplate the possibility of a pardon, and what the political implications of that might be. Especially if Scooter looks like he might cut a deal to rat out Cheney or Rove (or even Dubya?). Not that political implications have ever slowed him down.

If Libby cuts a deal to help Fitz go after Rove, it puts Rove in a very interesting position. On the one hand, he’s going to want to wrangle a pardon for Scooter to save his own ass. On the other hand, he knows that such a pardon could put the Republicans in an even deeper electoral hole in 2008. Would Rove let his own self-interest outweigh the possibility of a Democratic president and a filibuster-proof Democratic Senate majority? My bet is yes.

All the Republican spin in the world had no effect on the judge and jury. They can huff and puff all they want about how this is a witch hunt and how no-one’s been charged with the actual leak, but that argument is a lot harder to credibly sustain now that Fitz has the jury’s seal of approval. Not that they won’t try. Indeed, they’ll ramp up the fake outrage even further now that this Good And Innocent Man will be forced to suffer criminal penalties for his total non-crime.

I really didn’t think Scooter would be found guilty. Hoped, sure, but rich guys almost always walk, especially when they use the Confuse-A-Cat Defense.

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