What Does George W. Bush Have In Common With The Iraq War?

1 comment April 29th, 2007at 12:48pm Posted by Eli

Other than starting it, of course…

President Bush’s unpopularity and a string of political setbacks have created a toxic climate for the Republican Party, making it harder to raise money and recruit candidates for its drive to retake control of Congress.

Some of the GOP’s top choices to run for the House next year have declined, citing what Rep. Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va.) called a “poisonous” environment. And Republicans’ fundraising edge, an important advantage over the last five years, has dwindled.


The problems can be seen in such places as Florida’s 22nd Congressional District, which hugs the coast north of Fort Lauderdale. Republicans held that House seat for a quarter-century. But since losing it last year, the party has had trouble finding a top-tier candidate for it.

Two of the GOP’s choices, both state legislators, declined to run. A third, Boca Raton’s mayor, said he was weighing whether a Republican had any hope of retaking the district.

“You have to sort of lay a bet down now on what will be the environment in 18 months,” said Mayor Steven Abrams, who must leave his current office because of term limits.

Though Republicans have recruited many solid candidates in their effort to retake Capitol Hill – and they have more than 18 months to improve their fortunes – the environment could get worse.

Damaged by ethics scandals in 2006, the GOP in recent weeks has seen FBI raids at businesses or homes connected to two of its congressmen. A federal agency last week began an investigation into Bush advisor Karl Rove’s political operation, and congressional panels authorized a flurry of subpoenas related to White House political activities and the run-up to the Iraq war.

Three-term Rep. Rob Simmons of Connecticut, who lost his seat last year by 83 votes, said he turned down an appeal from the GOP to run again in 2008, partly because of the dismal political climate. In a district dominated by Democrats, he said, it has become impossible for even a moderate Republican like himself to win – especially since he voted to authorize the war in Iraq. Republicans in recent days said they had found a solid candidate to run in Simmons’ place: the former commander of the area’s naval base.

In Colorado, Republican Sen. Wayne Allard’s decision not to seek reelection set the stage for one of the nation’s most competitive 2008 races. But the top choice of party leaders, former Rep. Scott McInnis, has taken a pass, citing family reasons. McInnis had nearly $1 million stockpiled for the race.

I guess the GOP will have to start lowering their recruiting standards and taking candidates with low IQs, mental health issues, and/or criminal records. Or has that ship already sailed?

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  • 1. Spear and Magic  |  April 29th, 2007 at 3:38 pm

    Header reminded me of this oldie but goodie:

    Q: “How is Iraq different from Viet Nam?”

    A: George W. had a plan for getting out of Viet Nam.

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