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What Were They Thinking???

I just cannot imagine how anyone could ever have thought this was a good idea…

Staff members of an elementary school staged a fictitious gun attack on students during a class trip, telling them it was not a drill as the children cried and hid under tables.


“The children were in that room in the dark, begging for their lives, because they thought there was someone with a gun after them,” said Brandy Cole, whose son went on the trip.


During the last night of the trip, staff members convinced the 69 students that there was a gunman on the loose. They were told to lie on the floor or hide underneath tables and stay quiet. A teacher, disguised in a hooded sweat shirt, even pulled on a locked door.

After the lights went out, about 20 kids started to cry, 11-year-old Shay Naylor said.

“I was like, ‘Oh My God,’ “ she said. “At first I thought I was going to die. We flipped out.”

Principal Catherine Stephens declined to say whether the staff members involved would face disciplinary action, but said the situation “involved poor judgment.”

Principal Stephens has a real gift for understatement. This sounds like a firing-on-the-spot offense to me, but what do I know.

(h/t TPM)

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Sunday No-Softball Blogging

Well, there were too many people doing stuff for Mother’s Day, so we didn’t have enough people for a game. We did have enough people for batting practice, fortunately, which I continue to do pretty well at – I think I hit four balls out (including one to right-center), and hit a line drive off the fence as well. My defense appears to be in midseason form already, which is surprising, since it usually takes me a month or two before my fly-ball radar is working properly. I was even catching most of the fly balls when I got to them, which is rather unusual.

2007 Stats: 1 game, .500 BA (3-6), .500 SLG, 0 2B, 0 3B, 0 HR, 0 runs, 0 RBI.

Career Stats: 48 games, .591 BA (194-328), .802 SLG, 32 2B, 5 3B, 9 HR, 109 runs, 85 RBI.

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