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Ding Dong, The ‘Witz Is Dead

Good riddance.

Sure does seem like an awful lot of loyal Bushies are getting indicted and/or resigning in disgrace, doesn’t it?

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My Foolproof Solution For The Energy Crisis

All we need is for the auto industry to start producing cars which run on the world’s only unlimited, infinitely renewable resource… the Friedman Unit.

And best of all, they’re free!

May 17th, 2007 at 05:58pm Posted by Eli

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The Forever War

So much for that September moment of truth:

Offering another sign that the administration plans to continue its escalation of the war in Iraq into 2008, U.S. commander Gen. David Petraeus now says that he will not have “anything definitive” to say about the war in his September review.On April 26, Petraeus told reporters that “in early September” he “would provide an assessment of the situation in Iraq with respect to our mission and offer recommendations on the way ahead.” But in an interview with CNN reporter Jane Arraf for IraqSlogger, Petraeus says, “Come September, I don’t think we’ll have anything definitive in September (although) certainly we’ll have some indicators on the political side in Iraq.”


In recent weeks, senior conservatives have said that President Bush had until September “to prove that the Iraq war effort has turned a corner.” Petraeus’ announcement throws a major wrench in that plan.

Think Progress also helpfully provides some additional evidence that the military expects the “surge” to last well into next year.

It has been obvious for quite some time that the Bushies have absolutely no intention of getting out of Iraq – they want the desperate-people-hanging-off-of-helicopters pictures to be associated with a Democratic president this time around. The question is whether the Republicans in Congress and in the media will continue to make excuses and look the other way.

My money’s on yes.

May 17th, 2007 at 11:49am Posted by Eli

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New Frontiers In Law Enforcement

Dima Gavrysh/New York Times

NYPD introduces Please Beat Me Up division:

A city already patrolled by police horses and bicycles, police speedboats and helicopters, and all manner of cars, vans and armored vehicles bearing the emblem “NYPD,” now has a new crime-fighting tool: the rolling lollipop known as the Segway.

Ten of the two-wheeled Segways are to be deployed today as patrol vehicles on pathways and boardwalks in parks, at beaches and at stadiums, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said at a news conference yesterday.

Twenty-five officers have completed training as Segway drivers, he said, enabling them to maneuver the devices safely for up to eight continuous hours.

“Their obvious advantages are visibility and mobility,” Mr. Kelly said. He was referring to the battery-charged agility of a Segway, which can roll up to 12.5 miles per hour, and to the imposing stature the devices tend to give officers, who are eight inches off the ground and ride standing up.

Even the most petite officers, dressed in police department blue, seem certain to be noticed as they patrol the Coney Island boardwalk.


In an ill-fated 2003 experiment, 10 of the devices were provided by Segway and greeted with enthusiasm by officers and curious members of the public, but were recalled by the company after the devices’ batteries – their sole source of power – were found to be defective.

In some instances, officers on board the Segways tumbled ingloriously to the ground when the batteries were drained….


The potential for preventing crime, and arresting lawbreakers, remains to be seen. Mr. Kelly said that the Segways would be driven only on marked pathways or boardwalks, and that officers would be under strict orders not to venture on city streets or sidewalks.

The Segways should be a big help for catching very slow criminals who are afraid of pavement.

Another possible scenario: One criminal lures Segway cop into giving chase on foot, while his accomplices bundle the officer’s abandoned Segway into a van.

This will end badly, mark my words.

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Final Oakland Photoblogging

Okay, this is the last of the Oakland photoblogging, from the dimly lit interior of the Cathedral Of Learning, where I figured I would give my 50mm f/1.4 lens a workout.

Not being able to zoom was a challenge, especially since moving closer isn’t really an option when you’re shooting a ceiling that’s 20-30 feet overhead…

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Well, okay, I was able to move closer on this one…

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There’s that ceiling I was telling you about. Hellooo!

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More ceiling.

Up next: Random stuff, then Demolition Madness!!!

May 17th, 2007 at 07:59am Posted by Eli

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