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Orwell That Ends Badly

Shorter Dems:

War is Peace.

Capitulation is Courage.

Defeat is Victory.

Like Sirota, I have a really hard time believing the Democratic spin that giving Dubya his war money with gossamer, easily broken strings attached is some kind of victory, or some sign of progress towards ending the war. The roll call on the House and Senate votes is a dead giveaway as to just which party this bill favored.

Look, I understand that sometimes you just don’t have the votes, but instead of jumping on board the toothless supplemental and calling it a win, oppose it and call it for the defeat that it is. Tell the voters that you are, in fact, committed to ending the war, but the Republicans won’t let you. Put the pressure on them, define them as enemies instead of allies. And if you have to throw some pro-war Blue Dog Democrats under the bus too, I frankly wouldn’t mind.

I would much rather see the Democrats fail at ending the war than succeed at prolonging it.

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Now What?


So… What happens in September after General Petraeus delivers his much-anticipated, this-will-totally-change-everything-we-mean-it-this-time progress report on The Surge and asks for another Friedman Unit? (I would submit to you, gentle readers, that if it’s measured in Friedman Units, it’s not a surge)

Seems to me like there are two likely outcomes:

1) Republicans are true to their word (ha!), and enough of them finally decide to bail on the war that Congress can override Bush’s veto and end it. This is good for troops, terrible for Democrats. The Republican and media frame would be that the Republicans put country over loyalty and courageously defied their leader, in contrast to the Democratic fecklessness which allowed Bush to keep the war going. This could be devastating to the Democrats in 2008, but I don’t think the Republicans are smart or independent enough to do it.

2) Republicans don’t budge from where they are now, and neither do the Blue Dog and conservative Democrats, and everything plays out exactly the same as it did this month. They pass a supplemental with withdrawal timetables, Bush vetos it and blusters about how they’re cutting off the troops, the Democrats fold and provide another lame supplemental with no timetables and easily waivable benchmarks.

My fondest hope is that the Democrats grow a pair and present a unified, immovable front that refuses to back down in the face of Bush’s veto threats and undermining-the-troops rhetoric. They would have to make it clear that this time they will not flinch, and if Bush wants to veto the supplemental, then the war is defunded and the only person undermining the troops is Dubya himself by not withdrawing them immediately. Frankly, after their sorry performance this week, I have a hard time imagining that outcome.

So probably the best we can hope for is that enough Republicans come to their senses to make Option 1 a possibility, and that the Democrats do a good enough job with the messaging to remind everyone that all of those Republican “heroes” were unwaveringly dedicated to prolonging the war for the past five years.

But no matter what happens in September, I think the Democrats have already done themselves real damage for next November.

(Cartoon h/t to Bob Geiger)

4 comments May 26th, 2007 at 01:07pm Posted by Eli

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