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Jeffrey Feldman at Frameshop laments the Bush Administration’s tone-deaf (as usual) decision to send Dick Cheney, of all people, over to the Middle East on a “diplomatic” mission:

Similar to Ariel Sharon’s disastrous and oft-discussed visit to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount (Sep 28, 2000)–a symbolic slap in the face that led to an escalation in Middle East tension–Dick Cheney’s upcoming “diplomatic” visit to the Middle East will be nothing more than a provocation resulting in yet another explosion of violence. More Americans and more Iraqi’s will die as a result of his trip.

If the Bush administration was serious about saving lives, building U.S. credibility in the world, involving regional allies, and ending the Iraq occupation–then they would put Dick Cheney back in his hidden location, lock the door from the outside and throw away the key.

Cheney should not be allowed anywhere near Middle East diplomacy. Any diplomatic effort that involves Dick Cheney will result in one thing and one thing only: more violence, more failure, more death.

An Icon of Violence
Of all the people in the world, today, there is not a single person who symbolizes the arrogance, violence and deceit of the Bush era more than Vice President Dick Cheney.

More than just a failed leader, Cheney has become an icon of violence–a man whose name and face are synonymous with the an authoritarian view of politics rooted in the ignorant idea that unilateral force can sow everlasting peace.


Dick Cheney’s visit to the Middle East will do to that region what saltwater does to an open wound, what gasoline does to an open flame. Cheney’s visit will bring more pain, more flames, more bombs, more lost limbs, more piles of corpses, more puddles of blood, more destroyed Iraqi hopes, more destroyed U.S. military families.

Cheney’s visit will send diplomatic efforts backwards, not forwards. It will destroy alliances, not build them.


The only real way for U.S. diplomacy to succeed in the Middle East would be for the Bush administration to send a symbol of hope to the region to build confidence and restore broken ties. But who, if anyone, can the Bush administration tap do fill that role? Is there anyone at all who has the symbolic clout to fill those shoes?

Ooo! Ooo! I know! I know!

Paul Morse/White House Via Associated Press

The Oval Office rug would be the perfect choice. And hey, it would really tie the Middle East together.

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  • 1. spocko  |  May 7th, 2007 at 1:45 am

    Plus you could say, “Hey we know you people in the middle east know a thing or two about rugs, but we are AMERICA and we have the most powerful rug makers in the WORLD! Kneel before Zod!”

    I think that Dick Cheney is a good choice for Bush to send, “Hey Middle Eastie guys, gas is getting a bit pricey, so I’m going to send you the top guy in my government. And if you don’t agree with what he proposes ask him what happened to the last person who didn’t agree with him.

    He shot the guy in the face! THAT is what I mean when I say Jawboning. Dick will shoot you in the JAWBONE. Just keep that in mind, we are not nice people and he is the not nicest.”

  • 2. Eli  |  May 7th, 2007 at 11:12 am

    I think you’re actually right about why Cheney is over there. He’s there to threaten, not to cajole.

  • 3. LJ/Aquaria  |  May 7th, 2007 at 8:37 pm

    The photo is rather interesting in and of itself. I noticed the Xmas tree right off, so it sets the time of year. What’s odd is that it’s the only “holiday” decoration. You’d think a supposedly religious man like Bush would have a manger and some angels floating around there, too.

    The cabinet dorks were a hoot. Bush is so into being “right-wing” that he puts his faves on his right. Just look at it: Harriet, Abu and Condi are all on his right!

    I really like the irony of the guy sitting by himself to Abu’s right, kicked back with his feet stretched out, not writing down shit, compared to everyone else who looks so studious, in the dorkiest way imaginable. They’re so dorky that they’re low-tech dorks. In this day and age, no one is using even a calculator???? Anyway, this guy seems to be saying that nobody could take this meeting serously, no matter how hard they try to create the image of it.

    Now for my nitpicks with the decoration. The office is actually done fairly well, with a lot of space and light. I like the lack of clutter. But those are the only good things to say about this setup. It sticks too close to its basic color them of brown, beige, yellow, which can work, but, in this case it has the usual effect when it’s done badly: The room is bland, dull, no life; something about the color scheme makes me a little queasy (it creates a color effect in my head that is remarkably similar to the color I used to “see” when I got car sick–I’m one of those people).

    The sofas are hideous, and those blue striped chairs stick out like the proverbial sore thumbs. The rug is ho-hum, not as bad as I’d feared, but what’s with the dark band’s motif that looks like a variation of the Texas state seal, repeated over and over?

    The room just screams, “I want people to think I’m a Real Texan President from Texas!” (redundancy intentional). And, like Bush, the overcompensation only makes the Texas phoniness more glaring.

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