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Some interesting tidbits in Saturday’s Newsweek poll results:

Independents don’t like Hillary: In the head-to-head matchups of the three Democratic presidential frontrunners vs. the three Republican frontrunners, Obama and Edwards consistently outperform Hillary among Independent voters. It breaks down 40-53 Clinton-Giuliani, vs. 43-48 for Obama, and 46-47 for Edwards. Against McCain, it’s 42-48, 47-42, and 48-44; and against Romney, it’s 54-35, 55-31, and 61-27. Independents generally seem to prefer Edwards over Obama, except against McCain – not sure exactly what that means…

Democrats like their candidates better: 77% of Democratic respondents are satisfied with their field of candidates, and only 14% are dissatisfied. Among Republicans, the numbers are 52-38. Ha-ha!

We want Gore, they don’t want Newt: 60% of Democratic respondents would like to see Al run; 62% of Republican respondents don’t want to see Newt run. Actor/lobbyist Fred Thompson’s support is more lukewarm than I expected – only 46-34 in favor.

Dubya is circling the drain: Approval/disapproval has gone from 33-60 to 28-64 since the end of March. Satisfied/dissatisfied with how things are going has gone from 28-66 to 25-71. Ouch. Still waiting for that bounce.

Bush is a coward: I like this one even more than the approval rating, because it totally blows up Dubya’s Decider-In-Chief narrative. Only 4% said that he showed the greatest political courage of any president (defined as “commitment to doing what’s right for the country even if it meant risking his political career”), while Bill Clinton tied for first with Ronald Reagan at 18%. Dubya got crushed by Ronnie among Republicans 41-13, even though Ronnie never did anything as “courageous” as invading Iraq.

Better yet, when asked flat-out whether Dubya was politically courageous or not, only 40% said yes, and 53% said no. Even the Independents weren’t buying: They broke out 38-58 against. The Emperor is looking more and more naked, and it’s not a pretty sight.

There’s courage, and then there’s courage: Newsweek asked whether the Democratic and Republican candidates had shown political courage in the past, and then asked whether they had shown it in their campaigns. For the first question, the top three were Rudy, Hillary, and McCain. But for the second question, the top three were Hillary, Obama, and Edwards. So apparently the Republicans’ political courage does not translate to the campaign trail.

It really is not looking like a very friendly climate for Dubya and the Republicans right now. Unless there are some major changes in the next 18 months, the 2008 election is going to be very very ugly for the GOP.

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  • 1. Ruth  |  May 7th, 2007 at 4:39 pm

    very, very ugly for the GOP is very very lovely for the country.

  • 2. Eli  |  May 7th, 2007 at 7:54 pm

    The uglier, the bettier.

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