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I’m writing this on the bus on my way to softball, so it will be necessarily brief, vague, and unlinky. It also means I won’t have a chance to take a close look at Monica’s testimony for a while, but my impressions of what I’ve seen so far have been pretty underwhelming.

My understanding is that when a Fifth-taking potential witness is granted immunity so that they’ll testify, they have to tell the prosecutors what beans they’re going to spill, so the prosecutors can decide whether it’s worth it. Sometimes the prosecutors will make an exception, as Fitz did for Ari Fleischer, but I understand that that is pretty rare, and the witness has to convince them that they have some really blockbuster stuff.

Now, I’m pretty sure I read that Monica Goodling went through this process to get immunity for her House Judiciary Committee testimony, and I have to ask: Just what was it that she promised them?

Based on what I’ve seen so far (again, admittedly not complete), these are the beans she has spilled in exchange for her get-out-of-jail-free card:

o She, um, may have broken the law with her hiring practices, but she just got carried away and she totally didn’t mean to.

o Even though she was the DOJ’s White House Liaison, she had very little contact with anyone important at the WH, and never talked to Karl or Harriet about any USAs.

o The WH was involved, but she didn’t know anything about it, it was all McNulty. Or Sampson. Or someone else who’s already gone…

o Gonzo tried to have an oh-so-subtle let’s-get-our-stories-straight conversation with her.

o Some of the things that Gonzo and DOJ did were pretty damn inappropriate.

That seems kinda… thin to me for giving her that kind of a free pass. Did the Dems know that that was all she was going to say and gave her immunity anyway, or did she double-cross them? Or did they give her immunity on blind faith? Or was there some major bombshell that I’m missing here?

Also, a lot of what I saw sounded pretty dodgy to me – will the Dems go after her for perjury?

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