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1 comment May 4th, 2007at 06:56pm Posted by Eli

When the DoJ has an urgent meeting with the White House to fine-tune the message that… the White House was barely involved.

Back on March 5, several top Justice Department officials were summoned for an emergency meeting at the White House. On the agenda: Going over “what we are going to say” about why eight U.S. attorneys had been summarily fired.

The reason for the urgency: principal associate deputy attorney general William Moschella was testifying before the House Judiciary Committee the next day.

Deputy White House counsel William Kelley sent an e-mail over to Justice early in the afternoon, saying that he had “been tasked” with pulling the meeting together, and that “we have to get this group together with some folks here asap.”

The meeting was held at the White House later that day. And who did Kelley mean by “some folks here”? Well, among others, Karl Rove — the White House’s chief political operative, and the man who may very well have set the unprecedented dismissals in motion in the first place.

But after the coaching session, Moschella went out and told Congress that there was no significant White House involvement in the firings, as far as he knew.

So they needed the White House to tell them that the White House had nothing to do with the firings. Yeah, that’s real convincing.

Josh Marshall has a question:

Remind me. Why do you need to ‘agree on clear reasons why each prosecutor was fired’ if the reasons were actually clear when you did the firing and if the reasons can be stated publicly? Think about it. Why do Rove and the other heavies from the White House need to tell these guys how important it is to get their stories straight? If I fire someone, I know why I fired them. I don’t need to get my story straight unless the real reason can’t be stated and I need to come up with a defensible and plausible alternative explanation.

Really, any time you need to meet to “get your stories straight,” that’s a bad sign – even more so when people who were supposedly peripheral to the decision process are driving the story-straightening process.

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  • 1. John Hickey  |  May 5th, 2007 at 4:54 am

    Why are these lying, hypocrtical war criminals still in power?

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