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10 comments May 30th, 2007at 07:44am Posted by Eli

Once again, the Weekly World News is on top of the latest technological advances:

Taking a hint from the popularity of advanced home theater systems, publishers hope to reverse declining sales with revolutionary ‘High Definition Books.’ The new books are an off-shoot of large-print editions sold to visually-challenged adults and will present extremely sharp text in a 16:9 letterbox shape. The ultra-high-resolution text will provide sharper descriptions with more vibrant color for all readers.

“Purple prose seems somehow purpler,” said HD book design expert Phil Masler. “Passages highlighted with yellow markers really sing and we’ve given readers increased margin space for advanced interactivity. This user-generated text is also erasable as long as it’s recorded in pencil format.”

He added that older book features such as the ability to skip ahead, review previous chapters, and access author commentary in prologues and epilogues are present in the new system.

“And they can be enjoyed in all regions,” he added.

“The most obvious change is in the thickness of the books, which offer enormous amounts of storage in the 1080 pp format.” The new editions make the most of this extra room with ‘dual-layer encoding,’ which places text on the front and back of every page.

For readers who don’t wish to carry around tomes in the expanded format, Masler will be offering smaller, slightly less detailed blu-pencil editions.

Oddly enough, the story does not mention the importance of tech support for those who have trouble adjusting to new technologies.

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  • 1. PoiShifter  |  May 30th, 2007 at 2:20 pm

    I’m not sure I fully grasp this concept unless they are going to embed video and graphics with the new paper thin LCD’s being developed which I doubt.

    Personally, I was hoping we’d be moving away from paper, albeit many do not like to read on computer screends (myself included at times).

    The paper thin LCD’s could offer a future where a clip board size screen can display thousands of pages of books that one can conveeniently read in bed, on the pot, or at the morning breakfast nook. A stylus adapter would allow one to make notes etc on the pages.

    One could buy the entire collection of a favorite author in one thin handheld device. It would save tremendously on paper.

    I hope at least this is where we will be heading. I know the magazines are looking at the paper thin LCD’s as a way to improve ad content.

    (OT), today’s post on my blog is titled “Are You A War Profiteer?”

    After my little rant I give a few examples of how for instance Steny Hoyer is very proud to brind millions of dollars in defense spending home to his district. Or how Feinstein was recenlty forced to resign her chair on the Military Construction Appropriations Subcommittee after it was revealed her husband’s company was profiting in tens of millions of dollars in deals Feinstein helped secure.

    Or how Rahm Emmanuel in 2006 would only back those Democratic Candidates who were pro war and would not force an immediate withdrawl from Iraq.

    Thanks for your earlier comments. You may be a little cynical; I am HUGELY cynical.

    I am of the opinion that the majority in Congress don’t go to Congress to do the work of The People but to make connections, secure funding for favorable corporations, and after they’re done with “public service” slip into a lucrative lobbying job or join the board of a corporation they helped secure funding for.

  • 2. Eli  |  May 30th, 2007 at 6:15 pm

    I think if you poke around for a little while, all will become clear.

    Agree that the paper-thin OLED screens would be awesome, and they’re much further along than I had realized (take a look at Pink Tentacle on my blogroll, I think it’s a coupla posts down). It’s something I’m definitely looking forward to – a 3-oz. monitor or TV screen you can roll up & stick in your backpack.

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