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Quote Of The Day

From a WaPo chat with liberal opinion columnist Eugene Robinson:

McLean, VA: Eugene: I think Richard Cohen’s column today was a good beginning to debunking the myth of Fred Thompson. This attempt by Republicans to compare him to Reagan makes them look like kids in the ’70s who saw their older siblings go crazy for the Beatles and decided to do the same thing … for the Bay City Rollers. My prediction is that the best day of Thompson’s campaign will be the first day.

I kinda like Saturday Night, actually…

That Cohen column is surprisingly un-wankerrific, believe it or not. He basically points out that Thompson was not exactly a mover and shaker in the Senate, and hasn’t really evinced a willingness to put in the hard work and long hours necessary for a presidential campaign, much less an actual presidency.

I think if his campaign doesn’t catch fire right away, he’ll get discouraged and wander back to K Street.

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For The Record…

James Carville does not speak for me. (Or, rather, Mary Matalin speaking for James Carville does not speak for me…)

BooMan can, though.

Oh, and I liked how she put “facts” in quotes. Because a guilty verdict is just an opinion, after all.

June 5th, 2007 at 09:16pm Posted by Eli

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Understatement Of The Day

Former Notre Dame linebacker Tom Reynolds:

A violent thug who preys on Manhattan tourists has struck again – and he got away this time after a would-be hero wearing nothing but his birthday suit couldn’t chase him down.

“I wish I could have done more,” said Wyoming resident Tom Reynolds, who was in New York last week to speak at a conference. “But I thought if I chased him, I’d get arrested for indecent exposure.”

Reynolds, a former Notre Dame linebacker, was roused from his sleep at the Roosevelt Hotel in midtown on Thursday by a terrible scream.


Reynolds punched the attacker to the ground but couldn’t chase him because in his haste to help, he bolted from his room naked. “I think I startled him,” said Reynolds, 60, a retired University of Texas marketing professor who just had a knee replaced.

I would imagine so.

Too bad he couldn’t catch the perp; he sounds like a right bastard.

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Never Thought I’d Say This, But…

Dude, maybe you should go to the strip club:

A bow-brained insurance broker fired arrows wildly into the night from his Manhattan apartment, shattering a woman’s terrace door and landing himself in jail, cops said yesterday.

The shaken neighbor, Serena Fogel, said that when she pulled up the blinds in her E. 81st St. home after she awoke about 11a.m. Sunday she found a peanut-shaped hole in the glass door.

“I’ve had a lot of meshugas in my life, but I didn’t know what it was,” the retired teacher said. “I’m glad to be alive.”

Fogel called police after finding a metal arrow on the kitchen floor. Cops found two more arrows burrowed into scaffolding at an E. 80th St. building, and turned their sights across the street to 39-year-old Noel Lauria’s fourth-floor apartment, police said.

Lauria admitted he fired the arrows, but explained he was shooting into a heavy-duty target block placed on the windowsill when some “got away” from him Saturday night.

“My intention was not to pick off somebody. My intentions were to have a good time,” Lauria said. “I’m turning 40. It’s an elegant instrument. Rather than going to strip clubs, I like to go [shooting].”


He was arraigned on reckless endangerment and other charges yesterday and released without bail.

The urban archer visited with Fogel last night and presented a letter of apology – and a $400 check for the damaged door.

“Serena, I’m very, very sorry,” he said.

“I accept your apology, but why did you do that?” the tearful woman asked before they embraced.

Lauria told the Daily News he decided to continue shooting after the arrows slipped through the window because he had not heard them hit anything, and figured no one was hurt.

He also said he believed only two arrows escaped him.

“I have a target that I use, and unfortunately, two of them got away from me,” he said. “I meant no harm.”

I can’t imagine what this doofus might have been thinking. I guess some people just aren’t cut out for urban living.

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Demolition Photoblogging

In case anyone’s noticed that I haven’t been around much lately, especially on other blogs, this is a large part of the reason why: I’m trying to get caught up on processing the backlog of demolition photos on my laptop hard drive before I head off to New York for my high school reunion/anniversary and some photo excursions.

Here are some more of those demolition photos:

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Some exposed roof girders.

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Ceiling fans.

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It’s Even Worse Than We Realized

Forget nukes and EFPs – Iran is trafficking in something far, far worse:

No!  Anything but that!

I’m not saying we should bomb them back to the Stone Age, but maybe we could bomb them back to the early 80s?

(Actually, come to think of it, if it weren’t for Reagan I wouldn’t mind being bombed back to the early 80s either…)

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