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No No Confidence

I’m real late to the party on this one, since I’ve been traveling, but I just wanted to weigh in real quick and say that I don’t really care that the no confidence vote on Gonzo never made it past the Republican filibuster.

My reasoning is, there was no chance that the no confidence vote was ever going to have any effect at all on Dubya or Gonzo, so it didn’t really matter whether it passed or not. The important thing was to get everyone on the record as to where they stand on Gonzales, and by extension, the Bush administration’s complete politicization of the Justice Department. Now Democrat challengers can use it in their campaigns against Republican incumbents who voted against cloture. And more broadly, Democrats and their spokespersons can use it as yet another example of the Republican Party’s enthusiastic embrace of corruption. Not sure they will, but they can.

Amazingly, Arlen Specter actually put a vote where his mouth was in voting for cloture, so I’ll give him some minor kudos for that.

And not so amazingly, Lieberman voted against it. So, yeah, he’ll vote for cloture so a right-wing jerk can get a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the country, but not for a no-confidence vote on a criminal and/or incompetent Attorney General. Heckuva job, Joey.

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Airport Treo Photoblogging

Not actually photos of the airport (Newark, about which the kindest thing I can say is that it’s not JFK), or taken with the Treo. No, it means that I refused to pay for airport WiFi, copied the photos from the laptop to the Treo, and then uploaded them from the Treo to my photo gallery.

It probably would have been quicker just to write something political, but that would require me to know what the hell is going on, and I can barely remember my own name right now (Ian… something, I think).

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I like how it looks like the building is being attacked by its own roof.

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Not sure if this qualifies as demolition or construction. I just like the pretty sparks. Ooo…

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I’m probably completely demented, but I thought this kinda looked like Chairman Mao…

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