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Museum Skull Photoblogging

More from the Museum Of Natural History. This time, it’s some skulls from the new Human Origins exhibit:

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And for those of you who were wondering, final photo tallies:

NYC – 1572
DC – 704
1-Week Total – 2276


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Take Back Hillary

Bill Scher offers this analysis of why Hillary got booed at the Take Back America conference:

The Politics on the Hudson blog gets it right: “They jeered the Democratic presidential hopeful when she blamed the Iraqi government for the continued violence that has bogged down U.S. troops.”


Why get booed for that?

Because a lot of people are sick and tired of what’s become a stand-by cop-out bipartisan talking point: that the Iraqis are solely to blame for the chaos and de-stablization.

As if the Iraqis invaded and occupied themselves.

The debacle cannot be turned around until blame is properly placed. Not on all the Iraqi people. Not on the propped-up Iraqi “government.” Not on America. Not on Americans. Not on the troops.

But on the individuals in Washington who planned the occupation, voted for the occupation, fund the occupation, and continue the occupation.

The Washington media are likely to miss the true nature of the boos, because this grassroots frustration at the constant blame-shifting has rarely been given the media megaphone. That it’s the Iraqis fault has become accepted fact.

I highly doubt Sen. Clinton thought repeating conventional wisdom would have resulted in such a visceral reaction. But that’s what happens when mainstream media only reflects Beltway groupthink and ignores what’s simmering on the ground across America.


[T]he progressive grassroots, being serious about foreign policy and national security, wanting a fundamental change in our foreign policy away from blundering occupation and towards steely multilateral diplomacy, viscerally reacted to a blatant mischaracterization of what’s happening abroad.


[P]oliticians that don’t also recognize the occupation’s massive contribution to the region-wide de-stabilization, and in turn, articulate how ending the occupation can help begin to repair the damage, can expect more booing.

I think Hillary understands the Republicans very well, but she doesn’t seem to understand progressives at all.

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What More Do You Need???

From a Newsday story about the NY legislature’s gay marriage debate:

Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn), an Orthodox Jew, [suggested] incestuous couples be recognized along with those of the same sex. “There are certain things that do not change for me unless God sends a message to me,” he said.

Lawmakers laughed minutes later when they heard thunder from a passing storm.

I guess it would have been cooler if it had been seconds later rather than minutes later, but God was probably busy – you know how it is when you’re doing a billion things at once.

Seriously, the opposition just looks to me like homophobia masquerading as piety. If marriage is such a wonderful, holy sacrament, why would God create people who are unable to partake of it? What’s so terrible about formalizing all loving, committed relationships? I think religion is just being used as an excuse here – it wouldn’t be the first time.

(h/t Juan Melli)

June 20th, 2007 at 11:51am Posted by Eli

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Spam Haiku

Granted, today’s entry, from “Bernie Sloan,” does not strictly conform to the standard 5-7-5 format, but I think you will agree that it embodies that same sense of elegant, stripped-down Zen and haunting, evocative imagery:

a line


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Wednesday Why-I-Love-The-Weekly-World-News Blogging

It looks like the bees are diversifying in response to the Colony Collapse Disorder crisis:

While pruning the branches of one of her ancient oak trees early one morning, thirty-year-old weekend gardener Joanne Hicks was baffled to find traces of a red, dried substance caked on the bark, not far from a beehive.

“At first I thought it was blood from a chipmunk fight or something,” she said. “But the texture was a little too lumpy. After taking a whiff I was stunned to discover it wasn’t blood at all but ketchup!”

Hicks had no idea how it might have gotten there until several bees emerged from the hive and flew into her garden.

“I watched as they landed on one of my tomatoes and began to extract the juice,” said Hicks. “They were actually pollinating the tomato!”

Hicks got her digital camera and carefully poked the lens into an opening in the hive so she could watch the complex process by which the bees were turning the juice into ketchup.

“The process was the same as the conversion of nectar to honey,” said Hicks. “The tomato juice was ingested and regurgitated a number of times, partially digesting it. Then it was stored in a honeycomb — I should say ‘ketchupcomb’ — where it was fanned by the bee’s wings, evaporating the moisture and raising its sugar concentration. After nearly twenty minutes of this — voila! Ketchup!”

However, Hicks soon discovered that making ketchup was not this hive’s only new endeavor.

“I glimpsed other bees covered in an amber liquid,” said Hicks. “These insects were apparently pollinating apples from a neighbor’s orchard and making cider. My guess is that these bees became bored feeding on nothing but honey during the winter and branched out into other foodstuffs.”

However, after a few days Hicks observed that the bees ingesting a yellow paste were unable to acquire mates.

“The female bees were avoiding them because they gave off a pungent odor,” said Hicks. “I’m not certain, but it may have been mustard gas.”

Maybe they just want to be more welcome at picnics…

June 20th, 2007 at 07:34am Posted by Eli

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