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High School Reunion Photoblogging

Some photos from my high school, when I was there for my 20th (gah!) reunion, as well as a milestone anniversary for the school itself. Needless to say, it never even occured to me to take pictures of my classmates or any of the other reunion attendees…

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The CD jukebox in the Snack Bar, which no longer has a TV. I have fond memories of the Saturday afternoon kung fu movies on Channel 5…

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The door to the Schoolhouse (admin, classrooms, library, Study Hall).

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One of the girls’ dorms, which has had a bit of an architectural makeover since my day.

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The steps outside the post office. I’m not entirely sure what they lead to…

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Poor little Dubya done used up all his political capital:

After a string of Republican defections this week — on Iraq, immigration and domestic eavesdropping — President Bush enters the final 18 months of his presidency in danger of losing control over a party that once marched in lockstep with him.First, two prominent Republican senators broke with the president on Iraq. Then, Mr. Bush’s party abandoned him in droves on the immigration bill, sending the measure to its death in the Senate, despite the president’s fervent lobbying for it.

And when Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to issue subpoenas to the White House for documents related to its domestic eavesdropping program, three Republicans, including a longtime loyalist, Senator Orrin G. Hatch of Utah, joined them, and another three did not take a position.

For a president who once boasted that he had political capital and intended to use it, the back-to-back desertions demonstrated starkly just how little of that capital is left. With the nation turning its attention to who will succeed Mr. Bush — and Republican presidential candidates increasingly distancing themselves from him — even allies say it could become increasingly difficult for the president to assert himself over his party, much less force the Democratic majority in Congress to bend to his will.


That shakiness is reflected in public opinion polls, where Republican support for Mr. Bush has also dipped noticeably, said Andrew Kohut, executive director of the Pew Research Center for People and the Press, a nonpartisan research group.

Mr. Kohut said Republican support for Mr. Bush was dwindling across the party spectrum. Among moderate and liberal Republicans, 52 percent currently approve of Mr. Bush’s job performance, down from 63 percent in April, he said. Among conservatives, his job approval stood at 74 percent this month, down from 86 percent in April.


[A]s lawmakers look ahead to their own re-election campaigns, political analysts predict more rough times ahead for Mr. Bush. After years of demanding that Republicans work in service of his agenda, the president has “very little good will stored up,” said Calvin C. Jillson, a political scientist at Southern Methodist University in Texas, Mr. Bush’s home state.

With 2008 looking like a tough year for Republicans, Mr. Jillson said lawmakers would look back to their districts, rather than to Washington and the White House, for guidance on how to vote. That was abundantly clear on immigration, when even Mr. Bush’s closest Republican allies — including two Texans, Senators John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison — openly opposed him.

“When John Cornyn defects from the president,” Mr. Jillson said, “you know the president’s mojo is completely gone.”

Of course, this is why BushCo. wanted to make sure that the executive branch stockpiled as much power as possible – so they wouldn’t be completely dependent on Congress after it became apparent what abjectly dishonest criminals they all are. But there are still things even Dubya can’t do without Congress’s cooperation, and I guess we’ll be finding out just exactly where that line is drawn over the next year and a half. I’d feel a lot better if the Roberts Court didn’t have a hand in drawing it, tho.

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