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Intriguing, But…

Kagro X makes a fascinating find:

The following is from a report written and released by the Judiciary Committee in 1974 in the aftermath of the Watergate crisis.

In the [Constitutional] convention George Mason argued that the President might use his pardoning power to “pardon crimes which were advised by himself” or, before indictment or conviction, “to stop inquiry and prevent detection.” James Madison responded:

[I]f the President be connected, in any suspicious manner, with any person, and there be grounds [to] believe he will shelter him, the House of Representatives can impeach him; they can remove him if found guilty…

Madison went on to [say] contrary to his position in the Philadelphia convention, that the President could be suspended when suspected, and his powers would devolve on the Vice President, who could likewise be suspended until impeached and convicted, if he were also suspected.

This is all well and good, but is it actually codified in the Constitution in any way? Do the Founders’ opinions have any legal weight here, or are we basically just stuck saying, “Gee, the Founders sure wouldn’t approve of this, but there’s really not much we can do…”?

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Today’s Word Is “Impunity”

Shorter Dubya: “Don’t worry about breaking any laws on my behalf; I’ve totally got your back.”

If you go down for corruption, you’re on your own. But if you get convicted for defending the administration, you can rest assured that there will be no consequences – so why hold back?

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The Commuter-In-Chief

If Dubya ever actually showed respect for the law, I would faint dead away…

President Bush commuted the sentence of former White House aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby on Monday, sparing him from a 2 1/2-year prison term that Bush said was excessive.

Bush’s move came hours after a federal appeals panel ruled Libby could not delay his prison term in the CIA leak case. That meant Libby was likely to have to report to prison soon and put new pressure on the president, who had been sidestepping calls by Libby’s allies to pardon the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney.

“I respect the jury’s verdict,” Bush said in a statement. “But I have concluded that the prison sentence given to Mr. Libby is excessive. Therefore, I am commuting the portion of Mr. Libby’s sentence that required him to spend thirty months in prison.”

But technically it’s not a pardon, so Dubya wasn’t really dishonest when he signaled that he wouldn’t pardon Scooter. But don’t worry, it’s not like Scooter gets off easy:

Bush left intact a $250,000 fine and two years probation for Libby, and Bush said his action still “leaves in place a harsh punishment for Mr. Libby.”


“The reputation he gained through his years of public service and professional work in the legal community is forever damaged,” Bush said. “His wife and young children have also suffered immensely. He will remain on probation. The significant fines imposed by the judge will remain in effect. The consequences of his felony conviction on his former life as a lawyer, public servant and private citizen will be long-lasting.”

Brutal. Way to throw the book at him there, Dubya. You show those criminals who’s boss.

Hey, anyone remember Karla Faye Tucker?

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Please Kill Me.

This is one of those news stories that convinces me that there is no God:

PAWNEE CITY, Neb. (AP) — A local microbrewery has launched a beer for one of America’s most recognizable rednecks: Larry the Cable Guy.

Git-R-Done beer, named for the comedian’s famous catchphrase, was launched Saturday by SchillingBridge Winery & MicroBrewery, from the small town where the 44-year-old actor-comedian grew up.

The owners of the small family winery say the light beer is made from high-quality ingredients with more ”flavor and body” than popular corporate beers.

Mike Schilling, who runs the winery with his wife, Sharon, is confident Git-R-Done beer will appeal to the comedian’s fan base.

”Rednecks love quality, too,” he said.


Sharon Schilling said [Larry the Cable Guy] visited the winery in July 2005 to accept the offer wearing a pair of shorts and a sleeveless camouflage shirt.

[Mr. the Cable Guy] said he was dressed up because it was his wedding day, which was confirmed by his bride, Sharon Schilling said.

”He said, `Let’s git-r-done,”’ she said. ”He made it sound so simple.”


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Well, I think my spam backlog has built up to the point where I really should post some of it. First, some spam haiku:

From Jane STECHERT, whose e-mail address contains the word “granolaminibike”:


and the

Golden Ears



From Helga Douglas, a somewhat shorter entry:


to teach,

and Lee

In the hyperbole category, we have “Sales”, with “‘Evan Almighty”s Heavenly Box Office”

You have the unique chance to get sexier with our remedy!

It will make your squib a real space rocket that will raise you up to the seventh sky of sexual satisfaction!

Wow! That’s pretty heavenly, all right.

And finally, in the category of Best Subject Line… “nefarious apartment building”. Must have been about where I used to live…

July 2nd, 2007 at 11:46am Posted by Eli

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Peter Baker has a fascinating piece in today’s WaPo, on Dubya trying to cope with his isolation and unpopularity. If he weren’t such a total bastard, I could almost feel sorry for him, but the sad fact is, this is nowhere near the misery he deserves. But it’s a start!

At the nadir of his presidency, George W. Bush is looking for answers. One at a time or in small groups, he summons leading authors, historians, philosophers and theologians to the White House to join him in the search.

Over sodas and sparkling water, he asks his questions: What is the nature of good and evil in the post-Sept. 11 world? What lessons does history have for a president facing the turmoil I’m facing? How will history judge what we’ve done? Why does the rest of the world seem to hate America? Or is it just me they hate?

These are the questions of a president who has endured the most drastic political collapse in a generation. Not generally known for intellectual curiosity, Bush is seeking out those who are, engaging in a philosophical exploration of the currents of history that have swept up his administration. For all the setbacks, he remains unflinching, rarely expressing doubt in his direction, yet trying to understand how he got off course.

Wha? How can he be trying to understand how he got off course if he still thinks he’s going in the right direction? Does he regard this as a failure of spin and nothing more?

And yet Bush does not come across like a man lamenting his plight. In public and in private, according to intimates, he exhibits an inexorable upbeat energy that defies the political storms. Even when he convenes philosophical discussions with scholars, he avoids second-guessing his actions. He still acts as if he were master of the universe, even if the rest of Washington no longer sees him that way.

“You don’t get any feeling of somebody crouching down in the bunker,” said Irwin M. Stelzer, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute who was part of one group of scholars who met with Bush. “This is either extraordinary self-confidence or out of touch with reality. I can’t tell you which.”

Would you like to hear my guess?

Here’s where it really gets good:

“I don’t understand for the life of me why Al Gonzales is still there,” said one former top aide, who, like others, would speak only on the condition of anonymity…. The ex-aide said that every time he runs into former Cabinet secretaries, “universally the first thing out of their mouths” is bafflement that Gonzales remains.

Some aides see it as Bush refusing to accept reality. “The president thinks cutting and running on his friends shows weakness,” said an exasperated senior official. “Change shows weakness. Doing what everyone knows has to be done shows weakness.” Another former aide said that no matter how many people Bush consults, he heeds only two or three.

Beyond Gonzales, the discontent with the Bush presidency is broader and deeper among Republican lawmakers, some of whom seethe with anger. “Our members just wish this thing would be over,” said a senior House Republican who met with Bush recently. “People are tired of him.” Bush’s circle remains sealed tight, the lawmaker said. “There’s nobody there who can stand up to him and tell him, ‘Mr. President, you’ve got to do this. You’re wrong on this.’ There’s no adult supervision. It’s like he’s oblivious. Maybe that’s a defense mechanism.”

And finally, perhaps the most pathetic paragraph of all:

Bush’s unpopularity appears to impose limits on where he goes. He turned down an invitation from the Washington Nationals to throw out the first pitch on Opening Day, pleading a busy schedule. The former baseball team owner instead hosted an invitation-only ceremony for a college football team in the East Room, where no one would boo. When commencement season rolled around, he stayed away from major universities, delivering addresses at a community college in Florida and a small religious school in Pennsylvania run by a former aide. And even then he was met by student and faculty protests.

That doesn’t sound very resolute and manly to me at all. The big, bad Saddamslayer is afraid of a few boos and protesters? Some tough guy.

I will be shocked if he doesn’t spend his post-presidency years muttering darkly and drinking himself into a coma.

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Wanker Of The Month

Joe Lieberman is truly one of the most despicable people in politics. First he goes on TV to talk about how great government surveillance is and denounce Democrats for their wussiness on national security and “petty partisan fighting” (in trying to investigate BushCo’s FISA violations), and now he gives rightwing site NewsMax an exclusive hit-piece interview about how George Soros is “wrong,” “destructive” and “anti-American,” and bashing the Democrats some more on being insufficiently terrified of terrorism.

The highlight of the NewsMax piece for me, though:

Powerful or not, what stands out about Lieberman is his decency.
Unlike most politicians, he refuses to engage in partisan bickering to
gain political advantage.


I suppose the question of whether or not he engages in “partisan bickering” is all a matter of which party you think he belongs to…

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Monday Media Blogging

Sling Blade + Swingers = Quality!!!

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Eli’s Obsession With The Google

On the first page of search results for pimples under baby’s eyes.

Now that’s just kinda creepy.

July 2nd, 2007 at 07:18am Posted by Eli

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