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Your Republican Government

Oh. My. God.

Chairman Waxman:
“Another FEMA official wrote, the office of general counsel has advised ‘We do not do testing, because it would imply FEMA’s ownership of this issue.’ Early in the process, due to the perseverance of a pregnant mother with a four month old child, FEMA did test one occupied trailer. The results showed that their trailer had formaldehyde levels 75 times higher than the maximum workplace exposure levels recommended by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The mother evacuated the trailer. FEMA then stopped testing other trailers.”

So, um, yeah. God forbid FEMA should want to take responsibility for the trailers they’re putting people in because their homes were destroyed…

2 comments July 19th, 2007 at 03:30pm Posted by Eli

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Wanker Of The Day

WaPo’s Lyndsey Layton, responding to an online chat question about the Republican filibuster:

Recent polls show Americans are frustrated with this Congress and its inability to pass legislation. If the Democrats start blocking every initiative – even in the name of a cause that 70 percent of Americans support – it’ll be hard to peel off the obstructionist label. As it is, the party is worried that it won’t have enough of a legislative record to tout during the ’08 campaigns.

What a complete dishonest tool. How do Republican filibusters and vetos (or threats thereof) make Democrats obstructionist? Because they’re not capitulating and only offering up Republican-friendly legislation? I could be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure that’s not actually the role of the opposition party.

But gee, if I had to define obstruction, I would think that blocking legislation that a majority of congresscritters (and the American people, not that anyone cares) support.

Also, I have no idea where Layton gets this idea that Democrats are saying, “Oh yeah? Well, if you won’t pass what we want, then we’ll make sure that nothing gets passed ever again! I’m sure there’s a lot of crappy Republican legislation that the Democrats aren’t voting for, but that’s because it’s, well, crappy. And not voting for crappy Republican legislation is kinda their job.

Will the media ever understand admit that capitulation is not the same as compromise?

(h/t Atrios)

July 19th, 2007 at 11:51am Posted by Eli

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Coney Island Bumper Car Photoblogging

I’ve never really been much of a thrillseeker, so rollercoasters and even ferris wheels have very little appeal for me (fourlegs and I did toy with the idea of going up on the bigass Wonder Wheel to get some aerial shots, but we had our hands full as it was). No, when I was a kid at Coney Island, what I loved was the bumper cars (um, and the video arcade). All these years later, they still look pretty damn fun:

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