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2 comments July 13th, 2007at 11:52am Posted by Eli

I often read about how the Bush administration’s use of stop-loss orders, shortened leaves, and extended tours will “break” the Army, but I’ve never been entirely sure what that meant in practical terms. They’ve been overextending and pushing harder and harder for at least a year or two since I first starting seeing that phrase, and we still have an Army, the troops haven’t spontaneously dissolved into goo or anything.

And then I see stories like this:

Florida soldier who enlisted after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks plans to sue the military, fighting his fifth order to combat, according to a Local 6 report.

Twenty-six-year-old Erik Botta, who is a Port St. Lucie reservist, signed up for the service days after the Sept. 11 attacks. He did a tour in Afghanistan and three in Iraq, but he said enough is enough.

And now this:

A Bronx soldier who lost his stomach for war allegedly hired a hit man to shoot him in the leg so he wouldn’t have to go back to Iraq, prosecutors said yesterday.


He said [his wife] knew a man named Felix who would carry out the shooting for $500, officials said. She sent him a text message with the time and location. All Aponte had to do was stand there and suffer the pain.

“I smoked a cigarette and kept my eyes closed because I did not want to see it coming,” Aponte told police. “Next thing I know, I was shot in the knee.”

Yeah, I know the “breaking” will probably manifest more in terms of morale problems and plummeting effectiveness, not to mention increased brutality, but it’- interesting to see these stories of troops just saying “Enough!” in one way or another. Then again, maybe troops have been doing this kind of thing all along, and it’s the reporting that’s changing.

In any case, the circumstances of the first story make it clear why we need Jim Webb’s amendment to limit troop deployments: The Bush administration treats our troops like sweatshop laborers who just happen to have bullseyes on their backs.

Of course, the Republicans in Congress don’t care, and scum like Lieberman even have the nerve to claim that they’re the ones trying to give our soldiers a break.

2008 can’t come soon enough, and I hope the Republicans truly reap what they have sown.

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  • 1. virgotex  |  July 13th, 2007 at 2:12 pm

    2008 canít come soon enough, and I hope the Republicans truly reap what they have sown.

    and that the Dems – somehow- develop an effective means of government that doesn’t end up replicating the worst of these sins.

    Because some days, I’m not so sure they will

  • 2. Eli  |  July 13th, 2007 at 2:17 pm

    I think the netroots and the up-and-coming politicians who connect with them will gradually change the face and outlook of the Democratic party. But it’ll probably take at least 8-12 (and probably more like 20) years for that to really change Democratic behavior and strategy as a whole.

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