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Eli’s Obsession With The Google

#1 search result for teenager suicide on shower curtain thomas jefferson.

I can sort of understand the first part of the search, but the Thomas Jefferson part mystifies me…

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100% B&W, 67% Freaky NYC Photoblogging

Just walking around in the general Chelsea vicinity, leisurely wending my way towards the subway.

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It is The Ceramic Frog Of The End Times.

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Just some chairs and folded tables. Not so bad.

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Oh. Oh my.

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Stealth Hippies!

The New Yorker’s Hendrik Hertzberg is somewhat surprised to see that the YearlyKos attendees are *gasp* normal-looking, and has an interesting theory on why:

I admit that I was expecting this crowd to look weirder. Not hippie weirder, though I did expect a bit of that, but nerdy weirder. So I was surprised at how extraordinarily normal everyone looked. The left, if I may use that radioactive word, sure has changed since “my day,” i.e., the nineteen-sixties and early seventies. The equivalent of the liberal blogosphere back then was the “underground press,” the anarchic collection of weekly and irregularly published quasi-newspapers and para-magazines that served as bulletin boards and primal-scream outlets for the counterculture and the various antiwar and “liberation” movements. YearlyKos’s closest equivalent back then would be the ramshackle underground-press convocations that took place from time to time. I attended several of these. What a contrast! The stereotypical look then was rock roadie or medieval wizard for men, groupie or earth mother for women…. On my bathroom wall I have a photograph taken at one of these underground-press convocations. It shows a crowd of a hundred or so undergrounders in a discussion circle. I’m in the middle, in shaggy haircut, Lennonish eyeglasses, and turtleneck, earnestly making some point… And, sure enough, if you make allowances for a certain number of extravagant mustaches and batik prints, the crowd does look kind of normal, most of it. Except that three of the young women listening (somewhat skeptically, I have to admit) are stark naked.


I think the difference between today’s left and yesterday’s is partly explained by the difference between the wars that have energized them. Vietnam was, as Bob Dole might say, a “Democrat war.” You couldn’t protest it just by putting your energies into electing Democrats, and of course you couldn’t do it by trying to elect Republicans, who liked the war even more. You had to go to the left of the Dems, and if you hadn’t happened to have already acquired a moral/political compass, you might keep going till you ended up at the feet of Chairman Mao. This war is an all-Republican affair. And this generation, thank God, is perfectly content to stick with Chairman Howard.

I think the realization that Hertzberg is fumbling towards is that opposition to the war is very much a mainstream position. When 70% of the population are radical leftist hippie antiwar freaks, they don’t really look all that freakish anymore.

On the other hand, a little more nudity probably wouldn’t hurt…

(h/t Chris Suellentrop at NYT)

August 5th, 2007 at 01:34pm Posted by Eli

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