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More Battery Photoblogging

Some ferry and fountain photos from the Battery:

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August 12th, 2007 at 09:38pm Posted by Eli

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Just some more random bizarro spam – not sure any of it merits its own post individually, but collectively…

First up is “andromeda cask antigone,” by Ferdinand Olsen:

blutwurst bellicose, boise avail consultation, alimony dave. blatant badminton assume clever despondent aerogene ceremonious. bluestocking declaration burnside carabao anxiety cremate appreciate custody daugherty comma benedikt courtney.

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anna bespoke bottom divisional. cramer berg chow actress bathroom bismarck azalea

Interestingly, I can’t find any actual link or sales pitch anywhere. It’s like they were so focused on defeating the spam filter that they forgot to actually sell me anything.

The next three are very short, and appear to be from the same source:

Nestor Boyce, in “snakebite may provide better pain relief,” says, “conclude that Mr. Barkis had some general ideas about pearls, which” – this is not very enlightening.

brutal’s is titled “That put by subscription,” but the obligatory cryptic quote appears to be in Polish, or possibly Hungarian.

sstertorious’s “And my sucrose blotto distance” is almost haiku:

buy mending harrier
make drowse episcopacy
Be it rouse beauty


August 12th, 2007 at 08:04pm Posted by Eli

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The Economist sees the American conservative movement in deep, deep trouble. Great stuff, plus they use “cock-a-hoop” in a sentence.

The last paragraph:

The Republicans have failed the most important test of any political movement – wielding power successfully. They have botched a war. They have splurged on spending. And they have alienated a huge section of the population. It is now the Democrats’ game to win or lose.

This is particularly ironic in light of the fact that one of the favorite Republican accusations against Democrats is that they just obstruct and complain without offering solutions. But the reality is that that’s what the Republicans do. They’re very good at savaging Democrats, but actual governance is completely beyond them – mostly because their nifty sound-bite ideas don’t actually work, and posturing is not a substitute for problem-solving.

America would do well to remember that.

August 12th, 2007 at 12:46pm Posted by Eli

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Eli’s Obsession With The Yahoo

Oh my. I generally don’t post any weird searches that lead to my blog unless it’s on the first page of results, but I feel I must make an exception for this one.

Multi Medium is on the second page of Yahoo search results for unclaimed penises.

There has got to be a business opportunity there somewhere…

3 comments August 12th, 2007 at 09:58am Posted by Eli

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