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What I Will Be Taping To My Boss’s Door Every Day From Now On

Or maybe I should just go work for IBM…

It’s every worker’s dream: take as much vacation time as you want, on short notice, and don’t worry about your boss calling you on it. Cut out early, make it a long weekend, string two weeks together – as you like. No need to call in sick on a Friday so you can disappear for a fishing trip. Just go; nobody’s keeping track.

That is essentially what goes on at I.B.M., one of the cornerstones of corporate America, where each of the 355,000 workers is entitled to three or more weeks of vacation. The company does not keep track of who takes how much time or when, does not dole out choice vacation times by seniority and does not let people carry days off from year to year.

Instead, for the past few years, employees at all levels have made informal arrangements with their direct supervisors, guided mainly by their ability to get their work done on time. Many people post their vacation plans on electronic calendars that colleagues can view online, and they leave word about how they can be reached in a pinch.

I really like this idea. It’d be awfully nice not to have to worry about trying to parcel out vacation days to last through the year without having any left over. And I wouldn’t really mind the requirement to stay in touch, since I tend to like to do that anyway.

August 30th, 2007 at 11:46pm Posted by Eli

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NMAI Mostly Conference Room Ceilingblogging

Yes, even their conference rooms are photogenic…

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Part of the conference room ceiling.

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I’m not actually 100% sure this was actually in the conference room, but it was definitely on the ceiling.

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A different but similar part of the conference room ceiling…

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Definitely not the conference room at all.

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Also Not Gay

Crooks & Liars is not limited to Americans – yesterday they found footage of a press conference by Larry Craig’s British cousin:

August 30th, 2007 at 07:33am Posted by Eli

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