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1 comment August 23rd, 2007at 11:13am Posted by Eli

BooMan reminds us that Iraq has been doomed to unspeakable carnage from the moment Dubya set his frog-exploding eyes on it:

The Iraqi people are like a grandfather that has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. You have six months to a year to prepare yourself and manage your grief. When the day comes, you are sad. But you knew that day was coming. You are not distraught.


I don’t think the Republicans understand that people who have been watching the war in Iraq for the last four years have been internalizing their grief all along…preparing for the day when all hell breaks loose. The time is long since past when rational people could expect a remission of the metastasis. One last blast of radiation is not, and has not, solved the problem.

(Or, more likely, they really just don’t care.)

When I look at the estimated 600,000 dead in Iraq I am also thinking of the 2 or 3 or 5 million more dead that might now be inevitable casualties in the future.


Bush can threaten that millions will die if we pull out and I…I already knew that. I knew that two or three years ago. I knew that things were getting progressively worse in Iraq the longer we stayed and fought an impossible war.

It’s not that I don’t care about the consequences of withdrawal. It’s that I have already prepared myself emotionally.

Sigh. I don’t agree with the cancer analogy, because Iraq is not dying of natural causes. Iraq is more like someone Bush stabbed for looking at him funny, despite all our protests that it would be immoral and destructive. We want him to pull out the knife, but if Iraq dies as a result, that’s somehow supposed to be our fault.

If there is any way to salvage Iraq (to say I doubt this would be an understatement), the Bushies are the last people on Earth who could find it. But hey, if I ever have a problem that can only be solved with indiscriminate killing and bombing, they’ll be the first ones I call.

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  • 1. elmo  |  August 23rd, 2007 at 2:22 pm

    So, this was Rove’s last hurrah? What an idiot. This will most defiantly backfire on them…

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