Great Moments In Failure

1 comment August 6th, 2007at 06:51pm Posted by Eli

Today marks the sixth anniversary of a vacationing Preznit Dubya blowing off the Presidential Daily Briefing warning him that al Qaeda intended to attack in the United States. It is very rare for a mistake to have such a beneficial outcome for the person who made it, and such a terrible outcome for everyone else.

As his lovely mother would say, This has worked out very well for him.

My personal belief is that Bush and his inner circle knew the PDB was for real and calculated (correctly) that a terrorist attack was exactly the provocation they needed to set the neocon blow-up-or-invade-the-entire-Middle-East plan in motion, but they had no idea just how huge it would be. Just read the Operation Ignore chapter of Al Franken’s Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them and tell me you don’t get a major fingers-in-their-ears, “LA-LA-LA-LA I’m not LISTENING!!!” vibe from it.

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