News Flash: Hugh Hewitt Is Dishonest

1 comment August 1st, 2007at 06:43pm Posted by Eli

Today’s NYT has an interesting story about how most Republican bloggers are unhappy with the Republican presidential candidates for ducking CNN’s YouTube debate, mainly because it makes them look out-of-touch and backward. But not Hugh Hewitt, oh no:

“If the G.O.P. candidates agree to this format, expect a series of cheap shots about all of the top-tier candidates,” Hugh Hewitt wrote on To the argument that the party may appear backward by not participating, Mr. Hewitt said: “Perhaps, but if that means skipping a no-win set-up where MSM agenda journalists work for weeks to put a video shiv into one or more of the Big Three, I am for it.”

Okay, so.

Thing 1: Just browse around Media Matters for a little while and then come back and tell me about all the liberal “agenda journalists” at CNN.

Thing 2: How is this argument specific to a YouTube debate? If CNN really had it in for the Republicans (ha!), it could just as easily sandbag them with nasty written questions like Bernard Shaw (CNN anchor) did to Dukakis.

Thing 3: I think this is intended as some kind of clumsy payback for the Democrats’ boycotting the Fox News debates, and/or yet another attempt to keep the myth of the “liberal media” alive, but it seems to me that the logical conclusion of this argument is to say that the Republicans can only debate on Fox News, or possibly ABC.

Thing 4: What a wanker.

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  • 1. Ripley  |  August 1st, 2007 at 7:22 pm

    He doesn’t really have to prove a point. The important thing is that he disagrees with liberals and tries to make the Dems look bad.

    Then it’s off to the bank with another sweet, sweet paycheck!

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