The Punketeria Is Open For Business

August 14th, 2007at 07:09pm Posted by Eli

More brilliance and resolvitude from our fearless Democratic leadership:

There’ll be no recess appointments this time around, Roll Call reports (sub. req.), meaning the White House won’t be taking advantage of Congress’ vacation to install any contested nominees. That’s due to a deal between Bush and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).

Last recess, the White House made a number of controversial recess appointments, including Swift Boat backer Sam Fox as ambassador to Belgium. In order to prevent that sort of thing from happening again, Reid had plotted to keep the Senate in “pro forma” session during the recess — whereby the Senate floor personnel show up every three days to make it an official session. But now Reid and Bush have made a deal, according to Roll Call. Bush won’t make any recess appointments and Reid has promised to move some of his nominees when Senate gets back in session.

Wow, that’s some tough negotiating there, Harry – good job. So now, even if you don’t get punk’d, you have just announced to the world that after six-and-a-half years of lies and double-crosses, you still trust George W. Bush. That’ll sure impress the voters, all right. Even more so if you do get punk’d.

And what does Dubya risk? That you won’t move his nominees? Puh-leeze. You were always going to move his nominees, because caving in is what you do. You just cut this phony deal to look like you got something in return for it.

What you should have said is that you can no longer trust this president to keep his word or play by the rules, and so you must reluctantly keep the Senate in session so that Dubya can’t pull a fast one and recess-appoint Bob Murray as head of OSHA.

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