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Great Moments In Republican Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

Seriously, I’m not making this up. This is just hilariously bad. Be sure to check out the Senate side of the Capitol building, and the greeting of the Mysterious Stranger.

(h/t Greg Greene from blue state digital)

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What Athenae Says

Money quote:

Don’t you want to earn their scorn, instead of just getting it for free?

Ya know, if the Democrats want to piss off someone’s base, how about the Republicans’ instead of their own? I’d accuse them of cowardice, but it takes serious balls to go against the will of the American people like that.

September 6th, 2007 at 09:53pm Posted by Eli

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Well, He Is Kind Of A Subject Matter Expert…

If you’re a Republican embroiled in a sex scandal, who are you going to hire as your lawyer?

Why, Ken Starr, of course.

Hey, it makes perfect sense to me. He certainly knows all the tricks that an unscrupulous prosecutor might resort to.

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Patriotic NMAI Photoblogging

I have to admit, I found the subjects of the first two photos rather surprising. The U.S. has not exactly given the American Indians a whole lot of cause for patriotism, ya know? The third photo is just a partition thing that I liked ‘cuz it was green.

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September 6th, 2007 at 07:58pm Posted by Eli

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Tell Me Again What The Last Election Was About?

So let me get this straight: The lesson the Democratic leadership learned from their colossal failure in July is that they didn’t compromise enough???

Apparently they have forgotten (if indeed they ever understood) that the goal is to END THE WAR, not to pass a bill for the sake of passing a bill. Is it really better to pass a useless bill than to fail to pass a substantive one? What do we really gain?

All a toothless compromise does is blur the already fuzzy line between the Out Of Iraq Party and the Iraq Forever Party. The Republicans end up getting to look more anti-war, and the Democrats end up looking more pro-war, as we head into an election that will be largely decided by the American people’s disgust with…. the war.

Our feckless “leadership” doesn’t even have the courage to stand up for the vast majority of the American people against an epically unpopular president and his epically unpopular war. They are giving the GOP cover at their own expense, and getting nothing in return for it.

If the Democrats cannot remember why they won the last election, they will not win the next one.

September 6th, 2007 at 11:55am Posted by Eli

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Better To Be Useful Than Right

Exhibit A: Glenn Greenwald documents yet another example of how the media gives credence to those who are Wrong About Everything (but in a way which favors the Bush administration), while dismissing those who were right all along as somehow unserious.

Exhibit B: Sidney Blumenthal documents the Bush administration’s insistence on listening to the unreliable “Curveball” (who was telling them Saddam had WMDs) while ignoring the much more credible Naji Sabri, who was trying to tell them the opposite.

Exhibit C: The continuing focus on the “Petraeus Report,” even though there have been multiple reports released recently which make it quite clear that The Surge is a complete failure.

This is America under Bush Republican rule. Being useful and being right are almost always mutually exclusive, with “useful” winning handily every time. It’s very similar (and related) to the conflict between loyalty and competence, with the exact same outcome.

September 6th, 2007 at 07:54am Posted by Eli

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