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Please Stop Folding

Okay, so the Senate voted to condemn MoveOn for calling a liar a liar 72-25, voted to condemn Iran 76-22, and today the Senate Rules Committee voted to advance Baron Hans von Spakovsky, a truly horrible man who exemplified the partisan rot at the Justice Department, to the full Senate for confirmation. But without a recommendation, so it’s totally not a cave-in.

My disillusioned prediction is that he’ll be confirmed, oh… 75-23, give or take a few yeas and nays here or there. It just doesn’t matter how godawful the Republican bill or nominee is, roughly half the Democratic caucus will support it. The individual members change from vote to vote, but the total number is always about the same.

However, if von Spakovsky is confirmed with anything less than the 60 votes that are supposedly now required to get anything done, then Harry Reid should be summarily fired as Senate Majority Leader, effective immediately. Not that that would ever happen, of course. The Democratic party establishment never holds anyone accountable for failure. Only the voters do, and only some of the time.

September 26th, 2007 at 08:49pm Posted by Eli

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Too Good To Be True

By way of the Schecterverse, this would be totally awesome if it came to pass:

Former “Evening News” Dan Rather choked back tears on several occasions today when discussing his decision to file a lawsuit against CBS and he left many audience members with a sense that he may call President George W. Bush as a witness should the lawsuit proceed to trial (and Rather said he hoped it would).

When asked by Carol Joynt, host of the “Q&A Cafe” held at Nathans restaurant who worked with Rather at CBS in the 1970s, whether “he’d like to” call President Bush as a witness in the trial, Rather said “I’d like not to answer the question,” leaving both Joynt and audience members wondering whether the newsman has Bush in his sights.” Joynt later told Yeas & Nays, “From the look in his eye — and he gave me a definite Ratheresque look — I got the impression he will call the president as a witness. Possibly both of them: 41 and 43. He implied the suit is not against them, but what the suit is about stems directly from his antagonistic relationship with them.”

Wow. I was also very intrigued by this quote towards the end:

Still, Rather insisted that his lawsuit is not born out of resentment: “I’m not angry, I’m not bitter — never have been. I’m a reporter – and this is a story.” He denounced the “interference, intimidation and manipulation in newsrooms” caused largely by the corporatization and consolidation of news outlets and said that, despite the largely negative response his lawsuit has received in the court of public opinion, “people might come around when they find out what really went on.”

This makes it sound like Rather isn’t in it for the money, isn’t even in it for his own reputation – but rather (heh) that he wants to get the story out. If that really his primary objective, then this is going to be a very interesting trial indeed, and Rather may end up performing an enormously valuable public service. If it pans out really well, it might even turn into the media scandal that I think we need to drive serious media reform.

I know, too much to hope for. But a guy can dream.

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They Took Our Jails!

Apparently it’s no longer enough to simply lock up illegal immigrants. Now they have to be locked up in Special Immigrant Jails:

A panel studying illegal immigration in Virginia wants to build a 1,000-bed state jail solely for people arrested for being in the United States illegally. The Illegal Immigration Task Force agreed to 11 recommendations Monday in an effort to tighten enforcement of immigration laws. The new jail was one of them.

According to a presentation given at the last task force meeting, some 10 percent of inmates in Virginia’s jails over the past year were suspected illegal immigrants.

Latino leaders have disputed those statistics.

Those damn illegals are trying to take away American criminals’ hard-earned jail cells! It’s all part of their Nefarious Secret Plan To Take Over America! At least Virginia is doing something about it – no more illegal immigrants living the high life in the luxurious conditions our own American convicts enjoy, nosireebob.

Perhaps there is hope after all.

(h/t Pachacutec)

2 comments September 26th, 2007 at 06:48pm Posted by Eli

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Getty Villa Architectural Photoblogging

Just some architectural shots from the Getty Villa:

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September 26th, 2007 at 11:32am Posted by Eli

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Wednesday Why-I-Love-The-Weekly-World-News Blogging

Alas, I think the Weekly World News has stopped updating their website, so I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to keep this feature going. I might still have some old back issues from when I had a subscription…

This week, more Headlines From Tomorrow!

2008 BUCHAREST, Romania – Vampires realize that the blood of tuna fish suits their macabre nutritional requirements as effectively as human blood. The undead begin lurking near the shores of the Black Sea, sucking fish dry and discreetly throwing their bodies into the water.

2009 BUCHAREST, Romania –
An unexpected side effect of the new vampiric diet occurs when the discarded fish themselves return to life as vampires. The fishing industry comes to an abrupt halt while authorities try to capture and kill the thousands of bloodthirsty “nosferatuna.”


2015 MANHATTAN, N.Y. – Since women adore men who make them laugh, cosmetic companies make a cologne for men that contains nitrous oxide – Guffaux. Any woman who talks to a man wearing Guffaux laughs for the entire evening.


2020 SANDY, Utah – To make vegetables more appealing to men, farmers try to make certain foods more masculine. Their first project is to stop growing chickpeas and grow a manly version, called studpeas.

2021 HOUSTON, Texas – Aerospace engineers discover that the best way to power a space station is to harness solar wind and turn it into energy. To accomplish this, they build a gigantic solar windmill in Earth orbit.

2022 HOUSTON, Texas – NASA and its European allies are forced to delay the project when a Spanish astronaut, suffering from space madness, becomes convinced that the solar windmill is an E.T. and attacks it.

I would totally buy the studpeas and then brag about it.

September 26th, 2007 at 07:38am Posted by Eli

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