September 5th, 2007at 06:54pm Posted by Eli

Well, the new iPods have been announced. Tantalizing, but ultimately… unsatisfying. A brief recap:

  • iPod Shuffle has new, more pastel color options. Big whoop.
  • The iPod Nano is shorter and squatter, but now plays videos and a few games. Cool idea, but I’m not sure how big a draw it will be, given the smallness of the screen and the flash memory (4GB & 8GB).
  • The iPod Formerly Known As iPod Video is now known as iPod Classic, and capacity has been bumped up from 30GB & 80GB to 80GB & 160GB. Yowza. But it still has the same dinky little screen.
  • The iPod Touch is the one I had been waiting for. I would have been satisfied with just a widescreen video iPod, but they went even farther and made it an iPhone without the phone. Same cool multi-touch interface, plus WiFi capability, OSX, Safari browser, YouTube, and a mini-iTunes that lets you buy and download music right to the iPod itself.

BUT. In their quest for slimness and battery life for the iPod Touch, Apple opted to use flash memory, meaning that the big one only has 16GB of capacity, or 1GB more than my ancient second-generation iPod. In other words, it’s got the screen of a video player, and the storage of an audio player (making it the exact opposite of the iPod Classic). If I load all my “good” mp3s and photos on it, I would have almost no room at all for video.

The other area where Apple missed the boat is the lack of speakers. The iPod Touch is a perfect “Hey, look at this!” appliance, but you can’t show a video to a friend without them having to put on headphones. And if you want to show it to more than one friend, well, it ain’t happening.

So as much as I really really want an iPod Touch, I’m going to have to wait for one that has at least 32GB of storage, and built-in speakers. Ooo, and a camera would be really cool, too…

And in non-iPod Apple news, you can now buy ringtones for the iPhone to make it as annoying as regular cellphones, and the price of the 8GB iPhone has been cut by, oh, $200 (4GB iPhone is now discontinued). Heh.

(No, I’m still not getting one. It needs to have a decent wireless network, and copy-and-paste functionality first, so I can blog from it – because I am a crazy person. And if it has 32GB, I’ll be in heaven.)

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