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This is really, really depressing:

In the largest and most comprehensive project of its kind to date, 13 young male applicants, presenting the same qualifications and experience, split into teams and went on nearly 3,500 entry-level job interviews with private companies in supposedly left-leaning, “progressive”, multicultural New York City, jobs ranging from restaurants to manufacturing to financial services. After recording which applicants were invited back for interviews or were offered jobs, two sociology professors looked at the hiring practices of 1,500 prospective private employers, focusing specifically on discrimination against young male minorities and ex-offenders.


Some of the study’s findings are depressingly familiar. For instance, young white high school graduates were twice as likely to receive positive responses from New York employers as equally qualified black job seekers. It also reaffirmed not only that former prisoners are at a distinct disadvantage in the job market, but also that, again, black ex-prisoners are in a much worse position: positive responses from employers towards white applicants with a criminal record dipped 35 percent, while for black applicants similarly situated it plummeted 57 percent.

However, the study revealed that our society’s racism extends even deeper: black applicants with no criminal record were no more likely to get a job than white applicants with criminal records just released from prison! In other words, while whites with criminal records received low rates of positive responses, such response rates were equally low for blacks without a criminal background. Further exposing the overt racism at play was the study’s finding that minority employers were more accepting of minority applicants and job applicants with prison records.

Well, that’s just great. A black person applying for a job with a white employer is on the same footing as a white ex-con. Wonderful.

My simplistic interpretation of this is that there is an implicit assumption that criminality is the default condition for black people, but an aberrant condition for white people. So the straight-arrow black applicant with no record simply hasn’t slipped up yet, while the white ex-con has obviously learned his lesson and paid his debt to society.

See also: “Looting” vs. “Finding” in the reporting of the Katrina aftermath.

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  • 1. Ripley  |  September 26th, 2007 at 9:42 am

    Well, this will certainly be news to Bill O’Reilly!

    I wish I could say I’m surprised, but…

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