Shorter Bobo: Smart Peeple Ar Stoopid

September 25th, 2007at 06:19pm Posted by Eli

If it’s Tuesday, it must be another pile of fatuous concern-troll garbage from Bobo Brooks. Today he argues that the netroots are irrelevant foolish losers, and that Matt Bai and Mark Penn are brilliant political analysts, and that Hillary is the strongest Democratic candidate because of her disdain for the netroots.

So, I have to ask… Did Bobo sleep through the 2006 elections, or did he have them professionally removed from his memory like in The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind He reminds me of those “Thanks for 2004, loosers!” trolls who would gloat about how none of Kos’s candidates ever win. But most of them mysteriously disappeared this year – I guess a “Boy, we really screwed the pooch with that Iraq war and rampant corruption thing, huh?” troll wouldn’t be very effective.

It’s very hard to take seriously anyone who manages to extol the brilliance of Matt Bai and Mark Penn in one column – I’m surprised he didn’t start rhapsodizing about about Bob Shrum’s mad campaign management skillz. But it never surprises me to see yet another wingnut talking about what a great nominee Hillary would be. Because it’s true… if you’re a Republican.

She would have the most difficulty differentiating herself from a Republican opponent, is quite possibly the only candidate that both bases hate, and if she did win, she would have the most Republican-friendly policies of any Democrat this side of Joe Lieberman. Meanwhile, the right-wing noise machine and the corporate media would be able to pick up right where they left off in 2000, demonizing Hill & Bill as corrupt ultraliberal archfiends who will sell us out to China, Iran, and al Qaeda.

2008 will be a very long year if Hillary is the nominee, and all that Republican talk about what a strong candidate she is will dry up before Obama even finishes his concession speech.

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