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September 19th, 2007at 10:22pm Posted by Eli

Betcha can’t zap just one…

A Clay County woman’s family said it’s seeking justice after their loved one died shortly after being shocked 10 times with Taser guns during a confrontation with police.

The family of 56-year-old Emily Delafield said it would take the Green Cove Springs Police Department to court, according to a WJXT-TV report.


Officers said they arrived to find Delafield in a wheelchair, armed with two knives and a hammer. Police said the woman was swinging the weapons at family members and police.

Within an hour of her call to 911, Delafield, a wheelchair-bound woman documented to have mental illness, was dead.

Family attorney Rick Alexander said Delafield’s death could have been prevented and that there are four things that jump out at him about the case.

“One, she’s in a wheelchair. Two, she’s schizophrenic. Three, they’re using a Taser on a person that’s in a wheelchair, and then four is that they tasered her 10 times for a period of like two minutes,” Alexander said.

According to a police report, one of the officers used her Taser gun nine times for a total of 160 seconds and the other officer discharged his Taser gun once for a total of no more than five seconds.

A medical examiner found Delafield died from hypertensive heart disease and cited the Taser gun shock as a contributing factor, the report said. On her death certificate, the medical examiner ruled Delafield’s death a homicide.

Look, just because tasers aren’t handguns doesn’t mean you can just zap people with them as many times as you feel like when they’re not cooperating to your satisfaction. I would also note that zapping someone with a whole bunch of electricity does not actually make them docile. It makes them scream and try to get away, and possibly convulse. I would guess that 99% of the time, a single taser zap is sufficient (and probably not necessary) to get one’s point across, and I would further venture to say that percentage is even higher when the taseree is a middle-aged woman in a wheelchair.

But hey, I guess everyone’s taser-happy these days. Even the Forest Service wants to get into the act.

(h/t Mike Stark)

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