Too Good To Be True

2 comments September 26th, 2007at 07:33pm Posted by Eli

By way of the Schecterverse, this would be totally awesome if it came to pass:

Former “Evening News” Dan Rather choked back tears on several occasions today when discussing his decision to file a lawsuit against CBS and he left many audience members with a sense that he may call President George W. Bush as a witness should the lawsuit proceed to trial (and Rather said he hoped it would).

When asked by Carol Joynt, host of the “Q&A Cafe” held at Nathans restaurant who worked with Rather at CBS in the 1970s, whether “he’d like to” call President Bush as a witness in the trial, Rather said “I’d like not to answer the question,” leaving both Joynt and audience members wondering whether the newsman has Bush in his sights.” Joynt later told Yeas & Nays, “From the look in his eye — and he gave me a definite Ratheresque look — I got the impression he will call the president as a witness. Possibly both of them: 41 and 43. He implied the suit is not against them, but what the suit is about stems directly from his antagonistic relationship with them.”

Wow. I was also very intrigued by this quote towards the end:

Still, Rather insisted that his lawsuit is not born out of resentment: “I’m not angry, I’m not bitter — never have been. I’m a reporter – and this is a story.” He denounced the “interference, intimidation and manipulation in newsrooms” caused largely by the corporatization and consolidation of news outlets and said that, despite the largely negative response his lawsuit has received in the court of public opinion, “people might come around when they find out what really went on.”

This makes it sound like Rather isn’t in it for the money, isn’t even in it for his own reputation – but rather (heh) that he wants to get the story out. If that really his primary objective, then this is going to be a very interesting trial indeed, and Rather may end up performing an enormously valuable public service. If it pans out really well, it might even turn into the media scandal that I think we need to drive serious media reform.

I know, too much to hope for. But a guy can dream.

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  • 1. spocko  |  September 27th, 2007 at 1:58 am

    I too have hope, but mostly with almost accidental since information revealed. Of course when it’s clearly laid out all the strings that the CBS execs pulls to support the president and the war, will that stop Rush and everyone else on the right from saying, CBS is the liberal media? No. Because there is NOTHING that they can do that will ever convince them, unless they are like Fox.

  • 2. Eli  |  September 27th, 2007 at 9:37 am

    It’s a given that the professional right-wing screamers will call the media liberal no matter what they do; I’m worried about the American people in general. As long as *they* know that the media are a propaganda arm of the Republican party, I’ll be happy. And as an added bonus, the right-wing screamers discredit themselves even more every time they accuse the Republican party’s mouthpiece of being “liberal”.

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