What Is This Thing Of The Devil?

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Yet another blogger who kicks my ass:

MUXÍA, Spain – Her readers call her “the little granny,” and for eight months she has engrossed them with her ruminations on the present and her recollections of the past. Since her debut in cyberspace in December, María Amelia López, 95, has drawn thousands of readers from across the globe with an incisive blog.

The Internet journal (amis95.blogspot.com) is a meandering chronicle of old age sprinkled with vivid reminiscence and her take on contemporary life, from fashion and workers’ rights to Basque terrorism and Iran’s nuclear pretensions. Since her grandson Daniel, 35, set it up as a birthday present in December, López’s blog has received 350,000 hits and drawn responses and, increasingly, media attention from as far away as Chile, Venezuela, Russia, and Japan.

“It’s a whole new universe,” said López, an elegant woman with high, arched brows and a keen stare. She dictates her entries to Daniel. “It’s like having a conversation, and those who read what I say become my friends.”

López, who now calls herself the “world’s oldest blogger,” discovered the Internet late last year, when she heard a voice coming from a computer – her grandson speaking over the Web to a friend in Mexico.

“I thought, ‘What is this thing of the devil?’ ” she recalled, speaking in the computer room at the town hall of this quiet town on Spain’s northwestern coast.

When her grandson explained, López seized on the Internet as a way of keeping up with the world.

“I told him, ‘Between the life that I have led and the life into which you were born, there is an enormous difference. I want to understand your culture. I want to be on top of things,’ ” she said.


By turns insightful, amusing, and mundane, López’s blog reports on the world she sees during the summer from her seaside balcony in Muxía, where she was born, and from the Galician farmhouse where she lives with her grandson the rest of the year.

She blogs sporadically, sometimes once a week, sometimes every day, chronicling her swollen joints, her bouts of dizziness, and her trips to the doctor. She charts the progress of the construction work on the apartment building next door in Muxía, lamenting the apparent lack of safety measures and the rudimentary apparatus; she complains about poor broadband penetration in Galicia.

López turns her eye from modern fashion to Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. In January, she wondered how the girls in church could stay warm with “their little knickers showing and their hips all bare.”

Not that she is against all new fashions, she added. “A miniskirt with a pretty pair of legs – that, I love,” she wrote. “But you really need to have good legs.”


As the summer draws to a close, López said, her next project is to learn to navigate the Web more extensively and, maybe, learn a language.

“Elderly people like me – and there are a lot of old people who are younger than I am – should all have someone who shows them how to use the Internet,” she said. “You have to stay informed.”

Awesome. Hopefully my blog will get that much traffic by the time I’m 95.

(h/t Neil Best at Newsday.com)

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  • 1. oldwhitelady  |  September 12th, 2007 at 1:34 am

    Well, even if your blog doesn’t get that much traffic by the time you’re 95, at least you have aged bloggers reading your posts:)

  • 2. virgotex  |  September 12th, 2007 at 5:15 pm

    It might help if you got some high arched eyebrows and a keen stare.

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