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October 3rd, 2007at 11:39pm Posted by Eli

This sounds very dodgy indeed:

The military first reported that Ciara Durkin, 30, who served in the National Guard, had died “in action,” then revealed that she was killed in a “noncombat” incident that was being investigated.

Her family was told that she had been killed by a single gunshot near a church. They are charging that the military has been dragging its feet in giving them more details. They reject any chance of suicide and suspect friendly fire or murder.

A new twist emerged today in a Boston Globe article: Her family says she had told them to push for an investigation if anything ever happened to her. She was in a finance unit and may have found some improprieties, according to a story in the Patriot-Ledger, which also disclosed that her family had notified the military about her concerns about her safety three weeks ago.

John Kerry has questions:

Yesterday, Sen. John F. Kerry sent off a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates. He included three direct questions gnawing at the Durkin family:

1.) Why has the Army not responded to the family’s request for an independent autopsy?

2.) Why did the Army fail to contact the family with its (the Army’s) autopsy results? The family was told to expect a phone call between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Oct. 1 that never came.

3.) Why has the Army refused to make Spc. Durkin’s will and paperwork available to her family so they can respect her wishes as they plan her funeral and burial?

It sure sounds like they’re covering something up, or maybe the military is just following their Commander-In-Chief’s lead and being secretive and deceptive even when they don’t need to. Or maybe they just don’t want to comment on an ongoing investigation…

(h/t Paddy)

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