Cynical And Mean

4 comments October 14th, 2007at 12:29pm Posted by Eli

From a Texas Monthly interview with Texas Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison:

The mood of the country right now is pretty frustrated. People don’t like the partisanship — there’s kind of a toxic atmosphere about politics — I think the blogs, interestingly, feed on that. The intemperate nature of blogs, and the lack of accountability, have had an overall toxic influence on our elections. These blogs are cynical and mean — on all sides. I don’t think that’s good. Even if you disagree with the mainstream media, there’s a sense of integrity and honesty and standards. There are journalistic standards, which blogs don’t have.

Okay, I can sort of tolerate it when someone says that blogs are cynical and mean. If we weren’t cynical, it would mean we’re not paying attention, and a lot of us are frustrated and angry because our elected officials are betraying our country’s interests on a daily basis… and not just the Republicans, either.

But we’re also frustrated and angry because the corporate-owned traditional media displays a complete lack of “integrity and honesty and standards,” which makes it far, far easier for Republicans and fake Democrats to run roughshod over the Constitution and their own constituents. So to claim that the media is some kind of paragon of journalistic standards while the blogosphere is just an anything-goes, partisan snakepit, is disingenuous at best. (KBH “clarified” that she was only referring to “anonymous” bloggers, but I’m not really sure how that changes much of anything – I can think of several “anonymous” bloggers who I would trust over the corporate media any day.)

Also, does anyone else think it sounds like KBH just admitted that the media does not in fact have a liberal bias? Or at least admitted that it’s not a Democratic propaganda organ? Yeah, we all know the reality is quite the opposite, but the Liberal Media is one of the Republicans’ most cherished and valuable myths.

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  • 1. Ruth  |  October 14th, 2007 at 12:52 pm

    K. Ba’al -ie pro’ly also finds that the truth has a liberal bias. Common among the party of meanies, is calling truthful bloggers bad names. Today I return the favor at

    All truth, naturally biased toward liberals.

  • 2. Cujo359  |  October 14th, 2007 at 2:51 pm

    Actually, I think the phrase “Even if you disagree with the mainstream media” is a subtle hint that the news is biased towards liberals. That’s what folks often say when they mean to say that they don’t agree with something without actually saying they disagree with something.

    Another phrasing she used, “there’s a sense of integrity and honesty and standards”, is equally apt whether she meant it to be or not. There’s a sense of it, alright. There just is very little actual honesty, integrity, or adherence to standards. They aren’t really journalists, IOW, they just play them on TV.

    There’s also something to be said for having one’s biases out in the open. Whatever else you can say about them, there’s no doubt where Malkin and her crowd stand, and there’s really not much question what our values are, either. That doesn’t mean you dismiss what we or they say because of our biases, but you need to understand them and question how they influence how we describe things.

  • 3. Mario  |  October 14th, 2007 at 9:45 pm

    I completely agree with what Kay Bailey said about blogs. She is right. We are a threat to the mainstream media and I think she is one of those people that sees and understands the power the blogs have. Whether she likes it or not is not as important as knowing that she is aware of the blogosphere and that is significant. You can tell that she monitors the blogs or at least has someone monitor them and that she is aware of – or respectful of – the influence. That is good. Look, like it or not, she is right about the power we have in the blogosphere. We do have to have some discipline about saying things as if they are matters of fact. What i read of her comments make me think she is kind of, sort of in the middle of the road.

  • 4. P. Drano  |  October 15th, 2007 at 9:15 am

    Yes, she is sort of giving the lie to the “liberal media” thing, although it’s difficult to untangle exactly what she is saying among the cliché remarks about The Blogs (all six of them). Lack of control seems to be her criticism.

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