Morons! I’ve Got Morons On My Team!

2 comments October 4th, 2007at 07:43pm Posted by Eli

What Jane/Russ/Cujo said:

Russ Feingold proves he’s maybe the only one in the Senate who can read a fucking poll:

One question that I keep getting asked by reporters is why Democrats aren’t reaching out to moderate Republicans to come up with some sort of consensus legislation. I also see stories criticizing the Democratic leadership for failing to bring in Republican moderates to pass legislation. My response is simple – what good is getting 60 or 67 votes to pass a nonbinding Sense of the Senate resolution on Iraq that doesn’t bring the troops home? When I hold my town hall meetings in Wisconsin, nobody is asking me to push for an empty compromise. They ask me how we can finally end this war. This summer we heard a growing chorus of Republicans call for change in Iraq but their words have proven to be empty. If members are serious about changing course in Iraq, Feingold-Reid is the surest way to do it.

There are a handful of Senators who understand this, it would seem. Most of us can name them: Kerry, Dodd, Kennedy, etc. I don’t know what smelly orifice the remaining Democratic Senators have their heads inserted into, but they’d better pull them out and smell the coffee, or damn few people will be showing up next election day.

I’ve been saying since well before I had this blog that the only strategy that makes sense is for the Democrats to resist this war any way they can. Passing the sort of useless resolutions that “moderate” Republicans will agree to isn’t resisting. They need to make the Republicans say no to ending the war, and they need to make Americans aware that they’re doing it. The more they do that, the worse it will be for the Republicans. Eventually, even the Republicans will get the message. Unfortunately, right now most Democrats are as clueless as their colleagues across the aisle.

As I said in the comments to Cujo’s post, when 70% of the public hates the war and wants it over, the only sane thing to do is brand your side as the “adamantly opposed to the war and will do everything we can to stop it” party, and the other side as the “love the war and will do everything they can to perpetuate it” party.

When Democrats blur the lines by perpetuating the war, or by allowing “moderate” Republicans to make meaningless antiwar gestures, they dilute their biggest advantage, and sabotage their prospects for the 2008 elections.

But this weird unilateral disarmament isn’t limited to the Democrat-Republican dynamic:

“Will you pledge that by January 2013, the end of your first term, more than five years from now, there will be no U.S. troops in Iraq?” — Tim Russert

Barack Obama: “I don’t want to make promises not knowing what the situation is gonna be three or four years out.”

Hillary Clinton: “I agree with Barack.”

John Edwards: “I cannot make that commitment.”

Chris Dodd: “I will get that done.”

All three top-tier Democratic candidates refuse to commit to ending the war. Only the second and third-tier candidates like Dodd (my favorite candidate if Algore doesn’t jump in), Richardson, Gravel, and Kucinich are willing to make strong statements about ending the war or bringing all our troops home.

If Obama or Edwards started highlighting Hillary’s intention to keep troops in Iraq, and her apparent willingness to facilitate war with Iran, while promoting their own intentions to get us all the way out as completely as possible, I think her inevitability would be destroyed. Especially when you consider that Democratic primary voters are even more rabidly antiwar than the 70% of the public at large.

And yet they don’t. Why not? What could they possibly have to lose?

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  • 1. elmo  |  October 4th, 2007 at 10:54 pm

    I’ve been leaning toward Richardson for awhile now… _ _ … but Dodd is looking more and more appealing…

  • 2. Syd B  |  October 6th, 2007 at 10:55 pm

    it starts to make one wonder what is really motivating the democratic leadership…

    one has to come to conclusion that many democratic silently hold the same position as joe lieberman on the bush administrations middle east policy

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