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How To Tell When Your Country Has Gone Insane

When the media feel obliged to provide a pro-torture viewpoint for “balance,” your country has gone insane.

Looking forward to some lively debates on the pros & cons of rape and murder. Should be any day now.

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“That’s What We Do.”

Our worthless Democratic leadership at work once again:

Lest there be any confusion about the incumbent protection racket for Bush Dogs, here’s today’s statement from Pelosi’s office, justifying her fundraiser for Maryland Corruptocrat Al Wynn:

Pelosi’s spokesman Brendan Daly is unfazed. “He’s an incumbent. That’s what we do,” he told me when I asked him about Pelosi’s appearance for Wynn. “We help our incumbents.”

Awesome. So when Al Wynn tries to get his seat back from Donna Edwards in 2010, Nancy will give Donna just as much support as she gave Al, right?


(If you’re of a mind to help Donna overcome her own party leadership, this is the place right here.)

November 1st, 2007 at 09:33pm Posted by Eli

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Observation Of The Day

Henry Waxman, in a letter to White House Counsel Fred F. Fielding, wonders why the White House is withholding 600 pages of internal documents about Jack Abramoff, when they claim to barely know him at all.

I suppose it could be 600 pages of WH staff asking “Who is this Abramoff character?”, but that hardly seems worth all the secrecy. Maybe Triple-F just wants to keep his stonewalling skills sharp.

(via The All-Seeing Eye Of Froomkin)

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Okay, so: Missouri’s Republican Governor Matt Blunt decides that if it’s good enough for Dubya, it’s good enough for him, and starts deleting e-mails, in direct violation of the state’s sunshine laws. Staff attorney Scott Eckersley points out that breaking the law is, in fact, illegal. So Blunt, of course, fires him.

Since Eckersley wouldn’t keep his fool trap shut, Blunt and his staff set about trying to smear and discredit Eckersley, and claim that he was fired for performance and behavioral reasons, and that he never said anything about the e-mail deletions being illegal.

Now here’s the beauty part: As part of the smear campaign, BluntCo. released a whole bunch of Eckersley’s e-mails to the media… including the one where he warned that deleting e-mails was illegal. Brilliant!

Fired Up! Missouri has all the gory details, including the video of Blunt getting busted (not exactly sure why he’s holding a press conference in a supermarket…):

Is there, like, a maximum IQ that you’re not allowed to exceed if you want to be a Republican politician?

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Too Big A Loophole

Today’s NYT lead editorial on torture equivocator Mukasey’s AG nomination:

…[S]enators with a conscience that can be shocked should insist that Mr. Bush meet a higher standard than this nomination.

Come on, guys. We need a majority.

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Thursday Hi-Frequencies Photoblogging

The Hi-Frequencies were the band at Captain Goto’s birthday party, and they were quite good.

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November 1st, 2007 at 07:44am Posted by Eli

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