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My mom is… displeased with the Democratic party. Here’s her response to a fundraising request from the DNC:

Before I donate a CENT – I want to know who voted 400 to 6 to pass the Homegrown Terrorist Act House bill? Surely this includes a majority of Democrats (supposedly committed to protecting our civil liberties) This bill will allow the administration to persecute ANYONE They define as a threat; ie, environmental, political and animal rights activists.

In a time of warrantless surveillance, rollback of civil rights and an unchecked executive branch which asserts the right to declare anyone in the world an “enemy combatant” with no recourse to knowing the charges against them or recourse to legal representation in a legitimate court of law – how can a majority of Democrats give Bush still more power? They already gave him Alito, Roberts and Mukasy, not to mention the 2000 election and the Iraq War.

A lot of us are sick of the Democratics rolling over for an illegal, immoral administration whose untouchable Decider once said, “a dictatorship is fine, as long as I’m the Dictator.”


P.S. What about the recent 9th Circuit (liberal) court that gave Bush carte blanche (again!) – on warrantless surveillance because they didn’t want to “second guess” the “Commander in Chief in his fight against terrorism.”

I read your e-mail: Are you reading mine?

Go, Mom!

This fits in nicely with Athenae’s post – a lot of us are really sick of being let down and punk’d by our own party. The Democrats are not just ignoring and alienating their base; they’re ignoring and alienating the moderates (no, my mom isn’t one) whose votes they supposedly crave.

Whether through stupidity, cowardice, or corruption, the Democrats have allowed the Republicans and insider consultant/pundit class (what Digby and others call “The Village”) to define The Sensible Middle as somewhere to the right of Barry Goldwater. News flash to Democrats: No matter what you do, the 25% who still think Dubya is a great president WILL NEVER VOTE FOR YOU. Please stop pandering to them.

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Athenae Nails It

Alas, this is exactly right:

When you roll over for a bully, day after day after day, change your positions based on what people like Klein and fucking Shrum and all these other Beltway dickheads say, promise things and then back down, say harsh stuff and then apologize, take a stand and then forget about it, you look like a pussy.

And people don’t like voting for pussies.

More than that, they don’t like voting for people who make them embarrassed. You all know what an embarrassment squick is, right? It’s why I can’t watch Ricky Gervais’s original version of The Office, or Charlie Kauffman movies, or Jerry Seinfeld, or those silly home video shows of kids falling off bikes or doughy guys getting hit in the balls. I don’t … it’s just … ugh. It’s the feeling you get when watching uncomfortable people being stupid, and sticky, and … it’s like this in politics, every day, with Klein and his ilk. They are advising a course of action that sets off everybody’s embarrassment squick, and nobody’s gonna vote for the guy who, you watch and it’s like your baseball team’s getthing whomped. You’re up in the stands, having your tenth beer in an hour, pulling your hat down over your face and hoping nobody is looking at you. Or your team. You don’t even want to be there because the yuck might rub off on you.

Is that dumb and irrational? Sure. We’re talking about perception and strategy here, so it’s dumb and irrational. But Democrats won in 2006 by acting like they didn’t give a fuck what Republicans thought, they were gonna fix the mess we’re in, and everybody was happy, and they felt like winners, and people like winning because the parties are better, and so on and so on. I don’t know what it will take for them to act like that again. A veto-proof majority? A Democratic president? Both? The sudden and unexplained silence of every pundit everywhere? A memory transfusion? I really don’t know what it’s going to take but I can tell you for damn sure going back to the glory days of 2002 is not the answer here.

What Klein is advising is lunacy, and what’s more lunatic, plenty of people who should tell him to fuck himself are going to read that and think, “You know, the solution to my looking like a feckless moron is to change my mind again and go along with whatever somebody else wants.” It sets off my embarrassment squick, just thinking about that.

Capitulating with your enemies does not make you look strong, especially when their positions are legally and morally indefensible. And having the balls to (only) spit in the face of your allies just makes you look like an asshole. This approach pretty much guarantees resentment from the base and contempt from everyone.

The weakness and stupidity of the Democratic strategy (if it can be called that) is monumental enough that I often wonder if it might be deliberate. Most of their leadership does report to the same corporate masters as their so-called opponents.

3 comments November 23rd, 2007 at 11:18am Posted by Eli

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Friday Quote & Fox Blogging

This week’s quote is from a cheesy sci-fi horror movie called The Borrower:

Word of caution: guard your body well. Damage to it may lead to painful metamorphosis… or worse.

This is always good advice.

And, of course, there’ll be other people’s foxes…

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Must be tired and shagged out after a long, um, whatever foxes do.

November 23rd, 2007 at 07:32am Posted by Eli

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