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Since I don’t blog about sports enough (the original “mission” of Multi Medium was to talk about sports, TV, movies, music, and photography in addition to politics and general weirdness – hence the name), and bill asked my thoughts on the Giants-Cowboys showdown tomorrow, I figured I would make a post out of them, for my 2-3 readers who follow sports.

Keys To The Game:

o Does Eli Manning play well? Does he step into the ball and throw it accurately, or does he throw off his back foot and/or into traffic? Eli can be very very good, and he can be very very bad, sometimes even within the same game. If he has even one bad half or bad quarter of throwing to the other team, I don’t think they’ll be able to recover.

o Does the front seven get enough pressure on Romo? They’ve been great for the last six games, but the Cowboys have a good, massive offensive line. The secondary is much improved, but if Romo has time to throw, I think he’ll still shred them.

o Can Plaxico keep it up? He’s been playing incredibly well for someone with a bad ankle and zero practice time, but if he can’t go, or isn’t effective, his replacement would be Sinorice Moss, who has shown absolutely nothing (he’s basically Tim Carter Smurf). I’m kind of hoping the Giants have some Shockey-at-wide-receiver packages in their back pocket, just in case.


o Giants have lost midseason NFC showdowns in truly ignominious fashion the last two years – the three 4Q/OT Jay Feely misses against Seattle in 2005, and the 26-yard 3rd-and-22 run and FG miss runback by Chicago in 2006. Couple that with first-round playoff losses both of those years, and the Giants don’t exactly have a great record of rising to the occasion.

o Giants suck after bye weeks, 4-14.

Gut Feeling:

Cowboys come out fired up, Eli gets intimidated/rattled and does stupid things. Giants try to rally in the second half, but Plaxico is out of the game and they don’t have enough weapons. The Giants have been feasting exclusively on weaklings on their six-game hot streak, and the Cowboys are just a better and more battle-tested team.

As usual, I really hope I’m wrong.

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  • 1. bdr  |  November 11th, 2007 at 10:50 am

    Football thoughts?

    Adding Carlos Tevez from West Ham has made ManUtd the best team in the world.

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