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John Kerry replies to T. Boone Pickens weaseling out of his Million-Dollar Swiftboat Challenge:

I’m grateful that you are prepared to make good on your word and fulfill the offer you made publicly at the American Spectator Dinner in Washington, D.C. on November 6th.

I must remind you, however, that this was and is your “challenge,” not mine. You are, after all, the one who said explicitly at the dinner — in a way that was calculated to challenge any naysayer — that you would give one million dollars “to anyone who could show that anything the SBVT said was false.” (RedState.Com) These were your words — and nowhere did you ever suggest, as you are now trying to, that your challenge referred specifically and exclusively to any advertising by the SBVT.

As you know, the lies of the SBVT were not confined just to their ads; they were a constant barrage of television, radio, Internet, speeches, and forums in which — significantly bankrolled by you — they launched and repeated lie after lie. Your challenge expressly stood behind all of their allegations.

It is disturbing that in reaffirming the challenge you issued, your parsing and backtracking seems eerily reminiscent of the entire approach of the SBVT — say one thing, put out an allegation, then duck and weave, hedge and bob when your words catch up with you. I want to believe that this was not your intent because I am told that you are a man of your word, not “all hat and no cattle.”

Honor and duty, which you purport to defend, demand that you not selectively back away from your original challenge. Your offer clearly said — boldly, unequivocally — to an audience of your friends and supporters — that you would give “a million dollars to anyone who could prove wrong anything the Swiftboat Veterans charged about Kerry.” (AmericanThinker.com) In my letter, that is the offer which I accepted.


As I’ve said to you before, I am prepared to prove the lie and marshal all the evidence, the question is whether you are prepared to fulfill your obligation — no variations, no back pedaling, no retreat, no new bets, no changing the subject.

The only thing remaining now is to set the date for our meeting in an appropriate forum, after which I look forward to you keeping your word and writing a check for one million dollars payable to the Paralyzed Veterans of America so that we can put your money to good work for veterans who have returned home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

I just wish we had seen this Kerry 39 months ago. Sigh.

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  • 1. Cujo359  |  November 21st, 2007 at 12:04 am

    I think Kerry learned a lot during that campaign. In particular, I think he re-learned why he was in government in the first place. It still baffles me that he voted for the Iraq AUMF. Of all the people in that chamber, he should have been the one to realize that when the government says “trust me” that’s the time to be the most skeptical. That’s particularly true when it’s about a war.

  • 2. four legs good  |  November 21st, 2007 at 1:13 am

    Yeah, me too.

    Hey, peeps at Eschaton are whining that U never call and never visit no more.

    I’m supposed to poke you. So consider yourself poked.

  • 3. e julius drivingstorm  |  November 21st, 2007 at 3:19 am

    The fact that the SBVT lied is self evident (ipso facto so to speak). Where’s my million?

    I would like to know why each senator voted for the AUMF. Most had only seen the “cooked” intelligence. They should go on record.

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