Why Do Joes Hate Us So?

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Joe Biden does not exactly “get it”:

Sen. Joe Biden said in an interview at the New Hampshire Union Leader this afternoon that too many Democrats, including the frontrunners for the presidential nomination, do not have faith in the American people.

“We’ve got to trust the American people more,” Biden said.

“I think they’ve really lost faith in the American people in terms of leveling with them,” he said of his leading rivals.

I think that goes both ways, actually. But thank you for being such a straight shooter, Joe.

When he asks groups of Democrats if they think the American people are stupid because they elected George W. Bush twice, most respond that, yes, they do, he said. He said he thinks that attitude is a real problem for the Democrats, who fail to understand how smart and pragmatic the American people really are.

Biden was generally critical of the far left wing of his party and of the strategies the frontrunners are using to win the nomination.

Asked if he thinks, as he suggested recently in another interview, that the other candidates tend to think the American people are stupid or easily fooled, he said, “Well, I do.”

“It’s not even so much they don’t trust, which is a piece of it,” he said. It’s that they think that “the way to win is the Bill Clinton triangulation and the Karl Rove angering.”

“The Karl Rove angering”??? And he’s accusing other candidates of triangulation? I can stomach that from a progressive candidate, but Joe Biden is no progressive. And while calling Americans stupid for re-electing the worst president in American history may be a little harsh, calling them smart and pragmatic for doing so is just nuts.

“It’s the thesis that you go to your base because people don’t vote. Well, why don’t they vote?” he asked. He said he thinks people don’t vote because they’re tired of the way politicians treat them.

He said Democrats would do better if they stopped dividing the electorate by playing to their base and instead brought people together. He criticized the left wing of his party for demonizing the rich and Republicans.

So… you’re recommending triangulation, Joe? I think you’ve certainly diagnosed a problem, but your solution is all wrong. I think it’s a Republican/DLC myth that voters are primarily turned off by partisanship – they may be a little bit, but what really turns them off is when Democrats go along with every shitty and destructive idea the Republicans have. What’s the point in voting for Democrats if they’re just going to cave to the Republicans every time?

But wait, it gets better:

The Democratic frontrunners err by running what he calls a 20+5 state strategy to win the general election, he said. They want to win the same 20 blue states the party always wins, and five more. It’s a plan to make a play for Ohio, Florida and other tossup states – and hope you draw to an inside straight.

“I don’t want to be President if that’s the way I have to win, because I can’t govern that way,” he said. He said that as President he would hope to have enough red state support to get his legislation through Congress.

If he gets the nomination, he would run on a 15 red-state strategy. He thinks he can win 15 red states – such as Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri – which would give him enough of a base of support in Congress to govern effectively.

Oh yeah, good luck with that one, Joe. I don’t think even Lieberman could pull that one off. And in so doing, you’ll turn off every progressive in every purple state, while failing to win any red states at all. You would set a new gold standard for going down in flames.

It does, however, explain Joe’s bizarre insistence on reminding everyone that Delaware was a slave state, and probably also his creepy comments about 7-11 clerks. He’s working on a Southern Strategy of his own.

And speaking of ripping off other people’s ideas, if you have a rep for plagiarism (whether deserved or not), this is probably not a great idea:

As an aside, on his line about Rudy Giuliani’s entire campaign being a verb, a noun and 9/11, he admitted that he didn’t make it up. “I got that from a friend of mine,” he said.


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  • 1. bdr  |  November 13th, 2007 at 11:39 am

    I’ve been trying to find the wording for this, but here’s the abbreviated:

    It’s not that the American people don’t trust the Democrats, it’s that the Democrats don’t trust the American people.

    In their hearts, Democrats think that the American people are pissed at the coach, pissed at the coach’s strategy, pissed at the coach’s competency, but still love Team America.

    Democrats think Americans are not anti-war but anti-LOSING-war.

    And to be honest, that’s not an unreasonable worry.

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