Huck-A-Bye, Baby?

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It’s been a rough couple of days for the Huckster. First he shows himself to be utterly unserious on the most important foreign policy matters, and now the Wayne Dumond scandal has just gotten a whole lot worse:

As governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee aggressively pushed for the early release of a convicted rapist despite being warned by numerous women that the convict had sexually assaulted them or their family members, and would likely strike again. The convict went on to rape and murder at least one other woman.

Confidential Arkansas state government records, including letters from these women, obtained by the Huffington Post and revealed publicly for the first time, directly contradict the version of events now being put forward by Huckabee.

While on the campaign trail, Huckabee has claimed that he supported the 1999 release of Wayne Dumond because, at the time, he had no good reason to believe that the man represented a further threat to the public. Thanks to Huckabee’s intervention, conducted in concert with a right-wing tabloid campaign on Dumond’s behalf, Dumond was let out of prison 25 years before his sentence would have ended.

“There’s nothing any of us could ever do,” Huckabee said Sunday on CNN when asked to reflect on the horrific outcome caused by the prisoner’s release. “None of us could’ve predicted what [Dumond] could’ve done when he got out.”

But the confidential files obtained by the Huffington Post show that Huckabee was provided letters from several women who had been sexually assaulted by Dumond and who indeed predicted that he would rape again – and perhaps murder – if released.

In a letter that has never before been made public, one of Dumond’s victims warned: “I feel that if he is released it is only a matter of time before he commits another crime and fear that he will not leave a witness to testify against him the next time.” Before Dumond was granted parole at Huckabee’s urging, records show that Huckabee’s office received a copy of this letter from Arkansas’ parole board.

The woman later wrote directly to Huckabee about having been raped by Dumond. In a letter obtained by the Huffington Post, she said that Dumond had raped her while holding a butcher knife to her throat, and while her then-3-year-old daughter lay in bed next to her. Also included in the files sent to Huckabee’s office was a police report in which Dumond confessed to the rape. Dumond was not charged in that particular case because he later refused to sign the confession and because the woman was afraid to press charges.

[See the full letters sent to Huckabee’s office here.]

Huckabee kept these and other documents secret because they were politically damaging, according to a former aide who worked for him in Arkansas. The aide has made the records available to the Huffington Post, deeply troubled by Huckabee’s repeated claims that he had no reason to believe Dumond would commit other violent crimes upon his release from prison. The aide also believes that Huckabee, for political reasons, has deliberately attempted to cover up his knowledge of Dumond’s other sexual assaults.


In 1996, as a newly elected governor who had received strong support from the Christian right, Huckabee was under intense pressure from conservative activists to pardon Dumond or commute his sentence. The activists claimed that Dumond’s initial imprisonment and various other travails were due to the fact that Ashley Stevens, the high school cheerleader he had raped, was a distant cousin of Bill Clinton, and the daughter of a major Clinton campaign contributor.

The case for Dumond’s innocence was championed in Arkansas by Jay Cole, a Baptist minister and radio host who was a close friend of the Huckabee family. It also became a cause for New York Post columnist Steve Dunleavy, who repeatedly argued for Dumond’s release, calling his conviction “a travesty of justice.” On Sept. 21, 1999, Dunleavy wrote a column headlined “Clinton’s Biggest Crime – Left Innocent Man In Jail For 14 Years”:

“Dumond, now 52, was given conditional parole yesterday in Arkansas after having being sentenced to 50 years in jail for the rape of Clinton’s cousin,” Dunleavy wrote. “That rape never happened.”

A subsequent Dunleavy column quoted Huckabee saying: “There is grave doubt to the circumstances of this reported crime.”

After Dumond’s release from prison in September 1999, he moved to Smithville, Missouri, where he raped and suffocated to death a 39-year-old woman named Carol Sue Shields. Dumond was subsequently convicted and sentenced to life in prison for that rape and murder.

But Dumond’s arrest for those crimes in June 2001 came too late for 23-year-old Sara Andrasek of Platte County, Missouri. Dumond allegedly raped and murdered her just one day before his arrest for raping and murdering Shields. Prior to the attack, Andrasek and her husband had learned that she was pregnant with their first child.

The excerpts just barely scratch the surface of the story. Read the whole thing.

Also, John Aravosis is… displeased with Huckabee’s claim that he “felt sorry” for Dumond, which really is kind of an extraordinary thing to say about a brutal serial rapist and soon-to-be murderer. Especially when he knew that the rape Dumond was in prison for was far from an isolated incident.

In a sane and rational country, these two days would be enough to decisively end Huckabee’s presidential campaign. In this country, they might be nothing more than a minor blip.

Best case would be if Republican primary voters cheerfully overlook Huckabee’s ineptitude and moral phoniness… but no-one else does.

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  • 1. PoliShifter  |  December 5th, 2007 at 3:53 pm


    Republicans are going to have a very tough time sorting this all out.

    Do they vote for Giuliani who has been married three times and charged his lusty sex with his mistress to NYC? Do they overlook Giuliani’s ties to supporters of terrorism?

    Do they vote for Huckabee who is weak on crime?

    Do they vote for Romney who appeals to their pressed suit, slick hair corporate sensibilites but overlook his mormonism and hiring of illegal aliens?

    Gonna be tough for them.

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    […] So I can’t help wondering: After the Huckster so selflessly came to Rudy’s defense on Judigate, will Rudy return the favor on the Wayne Dumond fiasco? […]

  • 3. Multi Medium » If Y&hellip  |  January 15th, 2008 at 6:51 pm

    […] remember when Huckabee got that serial rapist paroled because he claimed to have found Jesus and Huck had all this compassion for him, and the guy […]

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